Nintendo Switch game sequels needed after ‘Pokemon Snap’

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Pokemon Snap’s revival made fans go on a nostalgic trip. However, there are still other long-anticipated sequels that should be on the Nintendo Switch.

The hype for Nintendo revival sequels has reached new heights with the announcement of Pokemon Snap. Two decades since it was first released in the Nintendo 64, the game is now coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Snap is all about taking photos of Pokemon then submit them to the professor for them to be rated. This might sound simple, but secret items and hidden routes make the game more interesting and addicting.

The game’s diverse rating system makes it unique from other Pokemon titles. Bandai Namco Studios will take over as the game’s new developer who promised to enhance Pokemon Snap’s photo rating system.

Now that the game is finally official, here are other Nintendo Switch games that deserve a revival sequel.

Pokemon Stadium 3

The revival of Pokemon Snap opens up the possibility for other sequels. This proves that Nintendo is not afraid of bringing back old games.

In the same year that the old Pokemon Snap was released, Pokemon Stadium was also launched for the Nintendo 64. The chance to play traditional Pokemon games on TV was the best asset of the game.

Also, fans can never forget those loveable mini-games. The game has a lot of potentials, which is why everyone wants another piece of Pokemon Stadium.

Luigi’s Mansion 4

The first-ever Luigi’s Mansion was highly criticized despite having thousands of followers that wanted a sequel. Now, the game has evolved as one of Nintendo’s best games.

Players are still eagerly waiting for another Luigi’s Mansion game, possibly in the coming years for the Nintendo Switch.

Donkey Kong Switch

There is no explanation needed why Donkey Kong 64 deserves to be revived. The game’s non-linear system and its interesting story were groundbreaking.

Donkey Kong 64 was a project of developer Rare, a studio that is now a branch of Microsoft. Maybe this change in ownership is the reason why another 3D Donkey Kong game hasn’t been developed yet.

Donkey Kong is perhaps the second most famous character Nintendo has, next to Mario. Perhaps Nintendo can make another 3D Donkey Kong game without violating any trademarks.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the best thing that ever happened for the Nintendo Switch. Its open-world RPG features and puzzle-solving are a masterpiece.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is now one of the most awaited sequels of all time. Odds are, the developers are expediting the sequel so fans won’t have to wait that long for its release on the Nintendo Switch.

Featured image courtesy of Arekkz Gaming/YouTube Screenshot

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