Nintendo Switch game voucher is ending this month

Nintendo Switch game voucher is ending this month

The Nintendo Switch game voucher program is coming to an end this month. For those who are unaware, the vouchers are sold for US$100[AU$141]. It allows gamers to redeem two AAA titles in the Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo offered the Nintendo Switch game voucher last year. It is one way to grab discounts on Nintendo’s first-party titles upon release. This is a huge deal considering that Nintendo rarely gives discounts on its titles.


Best way to snatch AAA titles but with a catch

The Nintendo Switch game voucher offers excellent discounts for titles that do not drop in price. Several sales are going throughout the year. But, most of the time, first-party titles are not included. That is where the vouchers come in.

It essentially gives users an instant $20 saving on two titles. This is a great deal for those who prefer digital copies of games.

However, there is one caveat with this method. Users who are interested in buying a game voucher must be connected to the Nintendo Switch Online.

Existing subscribers are the ones who can benefit the most from this program. Players with no NSO subscription yet may register anytime. But, there will be an extra cost that might defeat the discounted price.

Nintendo Switch game voucher expiring soon

The voucher program was implemented in only a short period. But it is not too late to purchase one yet.

The Nintendo Switch game voucher program will end on July 31. That does not mean that all vouchers are deemed expired. It is not the case.

After July 31, there will no longer be any vouchers available. However, people who bought vouchers on or before the said date may still use their vouchers.

Do take note that all vouchers purchased must be claimed within a year after purchasing. Unclaimed vouchers shall be confiscated and will be stripped of its value.

Nintendo Switch game voucher is the best way to buy digital games

The best Nintendo program so far

The Nintendo Switch voucher program is one of the best things that Nintendo has implemented. It is a way for the company to attract potential players.

With that being said, Nintendo has the infamous “Nintendo tax” all Switch games. For those who are unaware, Nintendo games are way more expensive than Xbox or PlayStation counterparts.

Besides the discount, the voucher program is a way of adding value to the brand. The Nintendo Switch cannot compete with the PlayStation graphics-wise. Thus, the game vouchers are just one way to differentiate it from other platforms.

Nintendo should bring it back soon

On July 31, there will be no more game vouchers available for sale. Hopefully, Nintendo makes up its mind and bring it back soon.

It is still unclear whether Nintendo will put out a similar program soon. It would be nice if the voucher comes back with a similar mechanic.

As of the moment, the best option for those with an existing Nintendo Switch Online subscription is to stock up on some vouchers. However, it is expensive to pay $100 or more upfront.

The advantage of getting a Nintendo Switch game voucher is the one-year validity. There are upcoming titles late this year, such as the Mario RemastersHaving a voucher on hand when these titles come out is handy.

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