Nintendo Switch Online subscribers get ‘Among Us’ for free for a week

Among Us Nintendo Switch official trailer snapshot

Active Nintendo Switch Online subscribers are getting Among Us as a free-to-play title for a week as a Game Trials inclusion.

Any Nintendo Switch users looking to sink their teeth into something new should take a look at Among Us. The game rose to popularity partly due to streamers wanting to engage a massive audience.  Consequently, becoming a household name and a very much talked-about topic within the gaming community.

However, that is not to say that the game does not stand alone without streamers. In itself, the game offers exciting gameplay that has a group of players engaged in a play that requires detective work. Particularly, in finding out a sinister shapeshifter within the group. But one whose results are not always as what most in the play would expect. The team either finds out who the real culprit is, leading to a victorious survival, or they do not.

Onto the Switch

The game did not manage to get into the hybrid console until only late last year—in December, specifically. But it did not let this delay hinder the game from growing into prominence even more. Packed with all the contents since the game’s inception, Switch users were getting a game rich enough to provide a solid experience.  And, it seems to live up to the hype that it has built additional fans within the Switch player base.

Starting July 21st until July 27th, NSO subscribers will be able to download Among Us from the eShop for free. This costless addition to library and subsequent digital download will also coincide with a free trial to the game. This meant non-stop online multiplayer experience with strangers or friends throughout the duration of an entire week.

Essentially a demo, the offer from Nintendo comes with a fairly obvious catch. This is not like the PlayStation Plus or Game Pass where you keep games indefinitely when offered as part of your subscription. Once the free play promo has run out, anyone can grab a chance to purchase the game at a discount on August 1st.

Nintendo Switch Online Perks

But being an active NSO subscriber offers other perks than letting Switch users play online and test-drive games for purchase with discount. Retro gamers will also find the subscription itself a boon for the NES and SNES classic titles that they can play. For veteran players, that is like re-living the nostalgia, but in a completely different, though modern, platform.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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