Nintendo Switch Pro to feature USB 3.0 and ethernet, sources say


More rumors are swirling around the internet about the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro, with distinct aesthetic information about the game itself.

The idea of Nintendo Switch Pro is a matter of when these days, not if. Sources from every corner of the internet are confirming what everyone suspects now. According to new information, the much-awaited console will have a few brand new specifications.

Spanish website claims new aesthetic details about next Switch

In recent rumors, Bloomberg reported that Nintendo is looking to push the next iteration of their Switch. Dubbed the Switch Pro, the console will be almost the same in architecture. Even then, it will have a few crucial upgrades.

Performance seems to be the focus this time, and the console will be spitting out a pretty 4K resolution. They note that a potential announcement is also coming soon, likely at E3 2021.

There isn’t much to go on right now, but it seems there is more information coming. In a discovery by VGC, Spanish website Vandal claims that it received information from a peripheral manufacturer in Asia.

According to their information, it seems a few extra features are coming for the next Switch.

“The size of the console will be very similar to the original model, so it seems that it will be compatible with current Joy-Con as well as other types of peripherals,” said their report, as translated via Google Translate.

“The screen will be larger, up to 7 inches, but without the body of the console having been increased, something that has been achieved by practically eliminating the black frames that surround the screen of the current model. The screen will be OLED, as you can see, it was pointed out for a long time, so the image quality will be better than the current LCD screen.”

Switch Pro to feature USB ports, ethernet

The Nintendo Switch Pro will not only have its aesthetics change but functionality too. For starters, the handheld console will have a full kickstand, similar to the one with Microsoft Surface. The console will also have a few extra ports too.

It seems the console will get much-needed two USB 3.0 ports, together with an ethernet port. What this communicates is the focus on playing docking mode further with the console. The anticipation for the console has ramped up over the past months too.

According to previous reports, the console will pack not only a larger screen but improved technology. Specifically, the Nintendo Switch Pro will feature Nvidia’s DLSS that will help with both graphics quality and performance.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo/Youtube Screenshot

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