Nintendo Switch sales doubles amid COVID-19 lockdown

March has been a good month for Nintendo. Switch consoles are getting sold out and their brand new game has become a massive hit.

Being stuck at home due to the induced travel restrictions caused by COVID-19 pandemic may have been a huge factor in Nintendo’s huge sales last March. The console’s sales doubled last month compared to last year.

According to NPD, Nintendo’s launch of their brand new game Animal Crossing: New Horizons may also have given the Switch a boost up. Xbox One and Playstation 4 sales within the United States improved as well, growing over 20% year over year.

Out of stock

Nintendo is now looking to boost the production of its Switch console as supplies go out of stock all over the world. The company has been troubled by stock shortage as people turn to video games as a source of entertainment during the lockdowns.

Stores all around the globe have been asking for deliveries as prices of the consoles continue to rise up due to strong demand and limited supply.

Now, Nintendo developers are looking to boost production by about 10% more units this year. Despite the Switch now being three years old, the company is still looking to produce over 20 million copies of the console.

Nintendo does not make the console itself. However, it has asked for extra orders for more copies of the console for the upcoming quarter.

New game becomes huge hit

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been released last March 20 but it has already outsold the lifetime sales of all its previous franchise games. It has become a global blockbuster hit. Everyone knows that if a game performs well, the console is destined to follow.

While the exact sales of the game were not announced by NPD, Nintendo follows its policy of releasing their exact sales figures. This means Animal Crossing fanatics will eventually have the chance to learn how amazing the new game’s performance is.

Animal Crossing has already proven itself as one of Nintendo’s highest grossing and most essential franchise. It has become the third-largest game released by Nintendo in its entire history following the Super Smash Brothers fighting series.

Today, the Nintendo Switch sales have been boosted up and now belong together with some of the best-selling gaming consoles of all time. Nintendo is still expecting that its sales will continue throughout the year.

Image courtesy of Sarah Tew/CNET Screenshot

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