Nintendo Switch to launch in Brazil soon

Three years after launch, Nintendo has announced that the Switch is finally coming to Brazil soon.

Nintendo pulled out of the Brazilian market back in 2015 due to import duties. However, Nintendo fans are up for a treat as the Nintendo Switch be available officially soon.

There is no actual date of arrival yet. But the news alone is enough to keep loyal Nintendo fans excited.

Before the announcement, interested players must purchase a Switch via third-party sellers. This makes it more expensive than the actual retail price. With Nintendo coming back to Brazil, the Nintendo Switch prices might be more affordable.

Nintendo returns due to lower import tariffs

As mentioned earlier, Nintendo pulled out of Brazil due to high import duties. This makes it difficult for Nintendo to bring in their products at a lower cost.

The high tariffs also meant that the products are more expensive compared to other countries.

Nintendo Switch has a console and portable mode

However, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro signed a new law lowering import taxes last August. This includes game imports such as the Switch and other consoles.

Several fans did an unofficial Nintendo Direct broadcast back in 2019. It is their attempt to lure Nintendo back to their country. It might be a year later, but it worked.

Nintendo did a great move as well. Getting into the fourth largest gaming market in the world will surely add to their profits. Plus, the likes of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be a hit in the region as well.

The announcement will surely attract more Nintendo Switch customers who held back due to unofficial retailers.

Images used courtesy of Niphon Subsri/Shutterstock, Kelly Sikema/Unsplash

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