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Nintendo to penalize selling of ‘Animal Crossing’ villagers for real money


The success of Animal Crossing has led many players to establish websites that sell the game’s content for real money. Thus, Nintendo aims to penalize such players.

For months since its first debut, Animal Crossing has seated in the number spot of Nintendo’s eShop as the best selling game. Moreover, the family-friendly game is just what the people need while quarantining in their houses during the lockdown.

Several websites have emerged to trade Animal Crossing content

Also, millions of players have flocked to the life simulation game. Because of the game’s success, several sites have emerged to trade the game’s content with either real money, Bells, or in-game currency.

To customize the game, as well as fill it with the rarest characters, players go the easy way by buying the content. The demand for the characters and content has increased, leading the websites to meet those demands. In addition, trading websites have become prominent in the Animal Crossing community.

Some websites only trade characters for Bells and Nook mile tickets, while others use real money for the exchange. Hence, avid players will take every opportunity to create their dream island.

In Japan, one seller operates via Twitter in selling characters between 5000 ($46) and 8000 ($74) yen.

Buying Animal Villagers online is common on Animal Crossing

The Animal Villagers are the animals that live on the island. In the initial part of the game, the player is accompanied by two villagers. But as the game progresses, the player can invite up to 10 villagers on the island.

However, obtaining the villagers is not an easy task. It takes time and effort to populate the island with the rarest villagers. The player will have to complete tasks to invite villagers. Aside from that, it cost thousands of Bells to invite one villager.

Some of the popular villagers include Audie, Dom, Judy, Marshall, Ozzie, and Raymond. Thus, players resort to trading their Bells, or real money for the Animal Villagers.

Nintendo is aware of Animal Crossing trading market

Nintendo is very much aware of the growing trading hub within the Animal Crossing community. However, the game developer is taking serious action to stop the trading market as the activity is a violation of the company’s rules.

For now, Nintendo has not released any statement on how to penalize such players, other than the fact that the company is still in the process of investigating the issue.

Image Courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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