Nintendo’s ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ in demand, content requested by gamers


Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become very playable that gamers are demanding new content now.

The popularity of Animal Crossing has soared at a fast pace in just a few months. It sold millions of copies at the end of March and keeps on increasing as lockdowns are still in place.

The family-friendly game has been in the market for years. However, the latest entry, New Horizons, became a mega-hit for Nintendo. 

Players demand new content

The game’s unique features allow players to customize their characters, homes, as well as the island. The in-depth customization of the game gives the players the freedom to do what they want. 

Players can even remake their favorite characters from a movie or an animated series. For one, the iconic Avatar: The Last Airbender was recreated into the Animal Crossing framework. On top of that, Nintendo aims on adding new content to the game to keep the players satisfied.

Despite Nintendo’s consistent upgrade, players have run out of things to do on their island. Thus, they’re ready for Nintendo to add new content in Animal Crossing. This came to be because several players have already spent hundreds of hours playing the game. They have also exerted a lot of effort into modifying their island. 

Players want to see improvement in Animal Crossing

Players have even suggested improvements that could make the game better. A Reddit user, VOIDYOUTH posted quite a few possible improvements on the game. The post wants Nintendo to hold unique events with shorter duration and more dialogue options.

Players want to see new villagers visiting the island. Furthermore, the game needs to add more interactions with the villagers. On the island, the museum is a special place where players can donate specimens of fish, bugs, and fossils.

Another improvement that players intend to see on the island are stores that sell different items. Players want to buy things that they can use on their island or in their homes. They even want to ride bikes and play with balls. Owing to that, Nintendo will have to keep on adding new content to make Animal Crossing more adaptable. 

Nintendo will hold the Bug Event this weekend

Animal Crossing is full of seasonal events that keep players busy. Aside from the Wedding Season event, Nintendo is adding its first Bug-Off event to the list. The Bug-Off event is a competition on catching bugs.

The event will take place this Saturday, June 27. Furthermore, the Wedding Season is still underway, so players can still participate until June 30. Players can go to Harv’s Island and take anniversary photos for the llama couple, Reese and Cyrus.

Image Courtesy of Vantage_DS/Shutterstock

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