Ninty Fresh Kickstarter campaign a success, Nintendo magazine coming back

Ninty Fresh Kickstarter campaign a success, Nintendo magazine coming back

Nintendo Magazines are headed for a comeback after the Ninty Fresh Kickstarter campaign became a complete success only hours after launching.

Game entertainment magazines were a big hit back in the day, and Ninty Fresh plans to relive those glory moments with resurrecting the Nintendo Magazines.

The Official Nintendo Magazine was the official Nintendo gazette for U.K. and Australia. The magazine’s first issue was released in February 2006 in the U.K., and in December 2008 for Australia.

It covered the range of games made available to the then famed Nintendo consoles—Wii and Nintendo DS. The final issue was published in 2014, when the development of digital prints emerged.

The Ninty Fresh Kickstarter campaign

On June 1, U.K.-based Ninty Media went live with its Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise £2,000 [AU$3,624] to jumpstart the revival of the Nintendo Magazine in print form to be named “Ninty Fresh” (unofficial).

The aim is to fill a hole in the market, and that is, per their campaign profile, “huge lack of Nintendo coverage in print form.” Therefore, they are bound to completely cover Nintendo’s latest and historic platforms, from NES to Switch.

An excerpt from its campaign profile reads:

 “Imagine, if you will, a cross between EMAP’s Nintendo Official Magazine, Future’s Official Nintendo Magazine and a dash of Retro Gamer and NGamer and that’s what we hope to be bringing, all with that Nintendo flavour and familiarity that older magazines brought you. But in 2020. And obviously, with no affiliation to those amazing magazines.”

Of course, this reignited many of Nintendo’s avid followers, as the campaign superseded its initial goal only hours after launching, per ForbesAfter 24 hours, Ninty Media gave an update saying the initial target skyrocketed to 600%, hitting a whopping £5000.

To show gratitude to their backers, Ninty is going to include free NES pin badge to all print level issues.

What will the Nintendo fans expect?

The revival of the Nintendo Magazine comes timely with the 35th-anniversary celebration of Super Mario. So, fans should expect a dedicated section for the well-loved “mustachioed Italian plumber,” and his history.

Accordingly, Ninty Media is already around 50% prepared for its first issue’s content. They bagged an interview with former NOM Editor Tim Street and had Chris Scullion write an NES retrospective piece.

Furthermore, they’ll be adding artworks, reviews, fan contents, and the classic in-magazine games—just like the old times. It will be like bringing in the classic but putting a modern twist to it.

The release of its first issue will is eyed this August. For those who are interested in grabbing a copy, there are a few options on how much to pledge, according to premium levels.


Featured image courtesy of Ninty Media/Kickstarter Campaign

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