‘Nioh 2’ Citadel expansion: Everything we know so far

Nioh 2 was already an amazing title on its own, but the developers added some great DLC along the way. The next one is the Nioh 2 Citadel expansion, and it’s coming soon.

The Nioh 2 Citadel expansion is the next DLC for the action RPG. It was recently revealed during the Tokyo Game Show. As per the developers, the DLC will bring players back to the past to fight alongside Japanese heroes from history. Here’s everything we know about the DLC so far.

Release date

Despite being revealed just recently, fans don’t have to wait long for the Citadel DLC to arrive. According to the developers, it will launch on Oct. 15. Those who have the Season Pass can immediately get the DLC, but it can still be bought separately.

What’s in the DLC?

As usual, the DLC will put the Yokai hunters – the players, in a difficult situation. Again, they will be facing various enemies, including bosses, that they’ll have to fight over and over again. With regards to the story, the developers had this to say:

“In order to unravel the mysteries surrounding the history of the Sohayamaru, our protagonist ventures to Kyoto City and discovers a shrine furnished with an old worn-out box. Upon inspection, the Sohayamaru once again shines brilliantly and the protagonist is whisked away to the middle of the Heian Period, landing in an ancient version of the capital.”

In the Nioh 2 Citadel DLC, players will unravel the truth behind the Heian Palace. They will fight alongside Japan’s most powerful sorcerers and Yokai hunters in history.

When it comes to content, the DLC will have a ton of new things to dive into. Aside from tricky new enemies and bosses, players will also have various other upgrades to their characters.

There will be new Guardian Spirits, new Omnyo Magic, Ninjutsu, and more. To top it all off, players can collect an assortment of new armors and weapons. The developer teases that one of the new weapons is one that hand-to-hand lovers will surely love. Some fans suggest that this could be a new knuckle type weapon.

The Nioh 2 Citadel DLC further expands the amazing title. The Disciple of Tengu DLC was great on its own already, and fans have a lot of expectations regarding the next entry. Fans are expecting to see more from the developers as the release date draws near.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/Twitter

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