‘Nioh 2: The Tengu’s Disciple’ DLC gameplay revealed

'Nioh 2: The Tengu's Disciple' first mission DLC gameplay revealed

Koei Tecmo has released DLC for Nioh 2 plus a free patch that promises to give players a more customizable and action-packed experience.

While most people are currently occupied with The Ghost of Tsushima, players may want to revisit Nioh 2 since they are releasing a new patch as well as The Tengu’s Disciple DLC.

Japanese YouTuber Famitsu has teased his viewers on The Tengu’s Disciple gameplay before the official patch release.

An interesting storyline plus a new weapon awaits

The Tengu’s Disciple is set in the Heian Period during a national civil war called the Genpei War, which raged in Japan from 1180 to 1185.

As per IGN Japan, the difficulty of the DLC is catered for players who have completed the main game at around level 120, but playing at a lower or higher level can also be acceptable.

In addition, they also mentioned a new weapon called the Splitstaff which can be used for close-quarters as well as mid-range combat.

Challenging enemies and bosses ahead

Nioh 2 has always been the souls-like game that is known for having one a wide array of difficult bosses similar to the Dark Souls series.

With this DLC, Koei Tecmo promises over 10 hours worth of gameplay with A Song to Calm the Storm mission as shown by IGN, another main mission plus eight sub-missions.

During the first mission, players will be taken to the coast of Yashima, which is the real-life setting of an important battle of the Genpei War. They will encounter variations on enemies both old and brand new while carefully exploring the terrain.

A mysterious monk boss will also appear in the middle part of the mission which would mark the start of the DLC. The recent upgrade of the Yokai Shift system may come in handy once the players face this boss.

Gameplay, avatar, and Yokai features for the new patch

Twitter user BlackKite also gave his followers a glimpse of what to expect for the Nioh 2 free update such as a new hack and slash mode and more customization options for the player’s avatar.

He also mentioned the Yokai Shift improvements and options to continue after failing co-op stages and more.

As per IGN, the free update will also include a new Demon Parade Picture Scroll element. This is a rare equipable item that some enemies may drop on the new game plus Dream of the Strong difficulty level or higher.

However, the Demon Parade Picture Scroll can only be used for a limited random number of times once players clear the special mission upon equipping the item. The rewards that the player gets with completing the special mission are stat buffs that they can apply mid-stance or low-stance.

Digging deeper in BlackKite’s Twitter thread, gamers should expect more two more DLCs coming out for Nioh 2 with the next one coming out this coming fall of 2020 as Team Ninja tries to further explore Japan’s rich history.

Featured image courtesy of Nioh 2/YouTube Screenshot

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