No EarPods, brick chargers inside the iPhone 12 box

No EarPods, brick chargers inside the iPhone 12 box

Apple itself has confirmed that it will no longer include EarPods and wall brick chargers inside the iPhone 12 box that will ship soon.

A couple of months ago, the Apple fan universe was struck by a rumor that sent shockwaves across the internet. The rumor said that Apple would no longer ship EarPods and chargers with the new devices that it will deliver in 2020. The verdict on the strategy was mixed.

One side saw it as a positive move in the right direction for the environment. On the other, many saw it as a predator move by Apple to save its margins. Not soon after the rumor was released, Apple itself confirmed the leaks.

It didn’t ship a wall charger with the Apple Watch 6. Apple only provided the wire in the name of saving the environment.

EarPods and wall brick chargers will help the environment

Not more than a month after, specifically on Tuesday, Apple announced that the iPhone 12s would not ship with EarPods and wall bricks. The Cupertino-based company is serious in its move to a greener future. As such, it is studying means and ways to cut down on carbon emissions.

It is also exploring ways to reuse and recycle old materials and integrate them into their new devices. Similar to the Apple Watch, the company is only shipping a charging wire with the iPhone 12. No, it will not be a USB-A to the Lightning charger. Instead, it will be a USB-C to Lightning.

Why USB-C and not USB-A?

This question has left many users online scratching their heads. If Apple wants users to use their old wall chargers, shouldn’t they have shipped a USB-A to Lightning cord instead? Of course, Apple isn’t stopping its users from taking advantage of their supposedly old chargers.

However, it seems counter-intuitive for the company to push for reusing the old units when they ship something completely new with the box. For new users that have old broken wires, they will be forced to buy a wall charger that supports USB-C to Lightning.

This is the pain point that many see with the new transition to a greener future. Yes, Apple may have cut down the size of the box and the accessories that ship with the iPhone 12. Unfortunately, the same move also stimulates additional purchases for users that don’t have the accessories to integrate backward.

As such, those that are mad about this move can’t be blamed.

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