‘No Man’s Sky’ Desolation Update adds new space horror


No Man’s Sky Desolation Update is now up, and it adds a new shade to the game. The add-on not only installs quality of life upgrades but new, nuanced gameplay too.

With No Man’s Sky Desolation Update, devs from Hello Games add a space horror angle. The new content is reminiscent of Dead Space, making players walk on cramp corridors. There is also hostile alien life and searching for the unknown.

Desolation Update adds new horror aspect to the game

No Man’s Sky is famous for its space exploration aspect. Feeding the curious minds of players for new worlds is the game’s shtick since its first introduction. Even then, it makes sense that the far reaches of the galaxy lies a hostile unknown.

The Desolation Update adds some abandoned spaceships and freighters across the galaxy. Much like any horror game, it’s up to the players’ purview to explore these ships. They’re usually full of resources and lore, with a ton of salvage up for grabs.

More resources also mean more danger for players who want to risk it for loot. Space explorers have to find out why these cargos come abandoned on this side of space. Every freight ship is procedurally-generated, so players can’t predict what’s inside.

Players can take a chance and do a solo exploration or do so with a team. However, Hello Games notes that there is safety when it comes to numbers. More people means more mining beams and bolt casters pointed at the unknown.

New Desolation Update changes combat

The No Man’s Sky Desolation Update is not, at any point, easy. Desolate space crafts hold a ton of dangers, including hazards and hostile lifeforms. Hello Games added new balance for the game to help with “a more dynamic combat experience.”


There will be infestations within the ships, from small alien insectoids to massive monstrosities. There will be egg sacks, rogue security turrets, and everything in between.

Players should expect punching more hostile aliens in their near future. Every craft will also have some lore into it, reminiscent of Alien: Isolation.

Ship logs will be available for players to read, together with some notes. Players will learn about the thoughts of the crew, together with their plights and stories. Apart from this horror update, the game also has a ton of quality of life updates.

The update adds better bloom effects and lens flare for a deeper immersion. New lighting effects, freighter customizations, and anomaly detectors are also in-game. More details of the No Man’s Sky Desolation Update are available on their official website.

Images courtesy of Hello Games/Youtube Screenshot

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