‘No Man’s Sky’ devs Hello Games plan another ambitious title

'No Man's Sky' devs Hello Games plan another ambitious title

No Man’s Sky dev Hello Games is looking to make another big title. Studio founder Sean Murray claims they want a “huge, ambitious game like No Man’s Sky.”

Hello Games is infamous for No Man’s Sky, the “next-gen” space exploration game. After an overhyped title, it took years for the game to realize its full potential. Now, the same studio is trying their hand again at something with a mammoth scale.

No Man’s Sky took 3 years to fulfill its potential

No Man’s Sky is one of the games that overpromised and underdelivered. Its hype was unbelievable before its release, and the entire internet was excitement. People wanted to explore a seemingly endless galaxy with procedurally-generated worlds.

Upon launch, the game was an utter dud. While the title was a superb exploration game, it didn’t live up to the hype. The worlds were desolate, and there wasn’t much to do.

Over the next few years, Hello would do their best to shape No Man’s Sky into the game they wanted. It took No Man’s Sky 3 years after launch before they achieved their vision. Constant updates and sharp ridicule from the community spurred Hello into action.

Even then, their persistence paid off, with the community showing their love for the game. The game was so good that the fans paid a full-sized billboard outside the studio’s office. Some of the money used for the billboard even paid for games donated to children’s charity.

Hello devs now mature enough for another ambitious title

Hello Games is back to developing new games after No Man’s Sky. The most recent title they have is The Last Campfire, a solemn exploration puzzle short. It’s beautiful and heartwarming, but it’s not the last time players will hear from the studio.

According to an interview, Murray and the team plan a “huge, ambitious game like No Man’s Sky.” He shared the lessons he learned with No Man’s Sky and how they didn’t regret their decisions.

“There is this poison chalice or deal with the devil that I think any indie game developer would find actually a very difficult choice, right? The choice that we had with No Man’s Sky, where if I was to go back again, I would find it very difficult to know what the right path was,” he said. “Where you will have incredible interest in your game, you will have a huge amount of excitement for it. But you will be in a rocket ship, launching towards the sun, and you will be building that rocket on the way up.”

“And there is an excitement and a craziness to that. Where we’ve ended up with the game, where we have hundreds of millions of hours played and a really happy community and all of that kind of thing, you know, I’m okay with that deal that we did, right?”

The newfound success of No Man’s Sky means Hello Games is now more stable than ever. Unlike the naive greenhorns they were before, Hello knows how to strike a balance between hype and expectation. Their next title should be a testament to it.

Featured image courtesy of HelloGamesTube/YouTube Screenshot

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