‘No Man’s Sky’ updates: Cross-play becomes next major addition

Hello Games has made a complete turnaround when it comes to their masterpiece No Man’s Sky. After being one of the most controversial games of 2017, the game has become one of the best explorers out there, and it continues to become bigger.

The past updates for No Man’s Sky added a lot of things to the game, including a proper multiplayer element, base building, and even mechs. However, the game’s player’s count didn’t blossom even after these updates, so it’s hard to come across other players in the game.

For players of the game, they are in luck as the universe in the explorer is going to be more populated once cross-play arrives.

Cross-play coming in an update soon

In a recent announcement by Hello Games, it’s been revealed that cross-play will be coming to the game in an update that’s rolling out on June 11. As per the developers, cross-play will be added to help support the influx of players that coming now that the title has been added to the Xbox Game Pass Library.

They add that they have been working on the feature secretly. Once the update arrives, there will be a bigger player base enjoying the game at the same time. All players from the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC are going to see each other in the game once the update drops.

What’s even better is that players will get to see if the player they are encountering playing No Man’s Sky is on the same platform as them. It can be seen beside the player’s names.

Other update inclusions

The cross-play function is the most important part of the recent update, but there are other things included in the upcoming patch as well. For starters, the update features bug fixes for the game and its VR component. There is also many quality of life improvements for other aspects of the game.

Communicating will now be easier on the PlayStation 4 as voice chat has been re-enabled. Players can now automatically transcribe and translate voice chat through the game’s Network options.

Although there aren’t a lot of new content in the recent update, Hello Games did make the game easier to enjoy with others. As they have said before, there are many other things coming to the game, so players need to be patient to see what these other major updates are. No Man’s Sky has just become a better multiplayer experience with this update.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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