No MicroLED for Apple Watch Series 6, device retains OLED features

No MicroLED for Apple Watch Series 6, launches with OLED, leak says

Apple Watch will continue to use OLED and will push back the MicroLED on its next batch of release.

A leak revealed that the Apple Watch Series 6 will not come with MicroLED. Instead, the upcoming smartwatch from Apple will continue using the OLED.

Leak reveals Apple Watch Series 6 display

A post by a known leaker with the Twitter handler @L0vetodream gave its followers a preview on what the tech giant has for Apple Watch customers. The Twitter post surfaced online this weekend.

On the said Twitter update the leaker said that in a dream he saw that Apple Watch Series 6. He added that the upcoming smartwatch will continue to use the JDI display.

JDI is Apple’s OLED display supplier for the past two years. It started supplying for Apple Watch models and progressed its business with the tech giant as time went on.

Apple even invested $200 million to the OLED maker to sustain its operations. This was in anticipation of larger OLED display orders as iPhones are now using the mentioned display as well.

The leak put a lot of speculations about the Apple Watch Series 6 to an end. It halted the rumor that the smartwatch will feature MicroLED display.

Apple has been using the OLED screen for Apple Watch since 2014. The tech giant decided to use the said technology for iPhone X in 2017.

Users observed Apple uses a certain pattern in its screen technology implementation. They now anticipate that the newest display technology will launch at the smartwatch first.

Reports say that since 2017, Apple tested the MicroLED screen on the Apple Watch. Rumors then spread that the Apple Watch Series 6 could be Apple’s pioneer in using the said screen technology.

Apple’s secret MicroLED manufacturing facility

The rumor began after news about Apple’s secret manufacturing facility spread online. The tech giant reportedly has a hidden facility in Santa Clara, California.

Reports say that the hidden facility was Apple’s designing and production site. The site was specifically intended for devices that use MicroLED.

MicroLED is the upcoming technology from Apple that succeed in the present OLED screens. It is expected to have low power consumption and will provide devices with brighter yet slimmer displays.

Since the news about the Apple Watch Series 6 spread, speculations went on that the smartwatch will come with a MicroLED screen. This is because of the reports that the upcoming watch will be loaded with innovations.

Among the expected features to come along Apple Watch Series 6 is the better water resistance and faster performance. It is also anticipated to come with faster cellular and Wi-Fi speed due to its improved wireless transmission.

Image courtesy of Alan Huang/Flickr

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