No one actually dies in ‘Rocket Arena’: is it worth the $29.99?

No one actually dies in 'Rocket Arena': is it worth the $29.99?

Electronic Arts is officially about to go live with its 3v3 rocket-based online game, Rocket Arena. Will it be worth the $29.99 [AU$] purchase?

Unfortunately for those who assumed Rocket Arena will be free to play, it will not be. The game is set to be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in a matter of hours, so here’s a breakdown on the early reviews of the online game.

The costs of the game and microtransactions

The gaming community might have gotten used to the usual trend that online games of this caliber are free-to-play, but will offer a battle pass, for a more premium experience, and other items made available within the game’s shop.

However, Rocket Arena will reportedly have all of these—battle pass and other microtransactions for cosmetics—plus a price tag of $29.99 for the game itself, per Shannon Liao of CNN.

Although, for PlayStation and Xbox users with EA Access, the game is only offered at $26.99. Also, the $30-retail price is actually just for the Standard Edition. There is a Mythic Edition as well, which comes with a few freebies, that retails at $39.99.

Another game comparable to Fortnite 

Speaking of CNNthe media outlet’s review on Rocket Arena is yet again comparable to Fortnitejust like what they said about Crucible

Accordingly, Rocket Arena was nicknamed Fortnite 2 when it initially came out during EA Play last month.  The game aesthetics does resemble awfully close to that of Epic Games’ Battle Royale classic.

In fact, early previews of the game are popping up on YouTube and the skins pretty much give off an initial Fortnite vibe. Despite the aesthetics, the rocket-based 3v3 is far from Fortnite’s battle royale/party royale gameplay.

In fact, this is what Jonas Norberg, executive producer of Final Strike Games,—the devs of Rocket Arenawant to clarify. Norberg told CNN, “I think it’s flattering that people say that. But I also think it’s important for us to say that we really believe that this is its own thing.”

What makes Rocket Arena different?

The devs are hoping that the gaming community will set the game apart from other famous titles, such as Apex Legends and of course, Fortniteall because it is, indeed, different.

For one, the game revolves around rockets. As Micky News previously mentioned, the term “rocket” is used in many ways in this game. You can even hear one of the characters saying, “Let’s rocket!”

Second, GamesRadar‘s review on the game notes an unusual point which is a bit baffling—”Everyone fights, no one dies.”

An excerpt of the review reads:

“Let me amend that thought: I wasn’t raining frozen death on anybody, because nobody dies in Rocket Arena. You only knock folks around, and ideally out of bounds. As you get hit by enemy rockets – whether by direct hits or splash damage from impacting the terrain nearby – a meter at the bottom of your screen fills.”

Another factor under the “cons” that the gaming media outlet further highlighted is the game failing to give off the exact amount of “oomph” to its rockets.

Nevertheless, GamesRadar did give it a four out of 5. So, in the end, it boils down to whether the game is worth the spending. Rocket Arena is, indeed, a different experience, despite the aesthetic comparison.

So, for those looking for a new gaming adventure, outside of the battle royale genre or anything military-themed related, Rocket Arena might be worth the spending.


Featured image courtesy of Rocket Arena/EA

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