Nokia closes next-generation 5G deal with Taiwan Mobile worth $450 million

Nokia recently confirms that it has successfully closed the deal with Taiwan Mobile to build the latter’s next-generation 5G network.

Nokia might not be the first into the 5G craze, but the Finnish telecommunications giant is officially on the game. The company recently confirms that it has closed a $450 million deal with Taiwan Mobile. The telecoms company will build Taiwan Mobile’s 5G network and will also be its only supplier.

Nokia and Taiwan Mobile have already worked in the past. With this latest deal, the telecommunications giant will start its deployment phase later this month. The deal includes a complete migration into the 5G network within the next three years.

Capitalizing in 5G contracts

Nokia is not the only Nordic company that has established its presence in Asia. Ericsson has also closed some major 5G deals in the region, including one from FarEasTone and from Chunghwa.

The Finnish telecom operator faced quite a setback last year following a number of huge hurdles to deal with. This year, the company is experiencing quite a turnaround by expanding its chipset business. More importantly, the company was able to close major 5G network deals in Asia.

In a press release, Nokia president of mobile networks said:

“We have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Taiwan Mobile, supporting them in the delivery of 2G, 3G, 4G networks, and we look forward to continuing this in the 5G era as their sole supplier.”

Apart from Asia, Nokia has also closed a number of major 5G deals in different regions around the world. The company’s most recent deal is from Canada after it signed a deal with Bell Canada and Telus Corp. The company has also won an order from a Singaporean telecommunications operator.

A great push towards 5G

It appears that most of the world’s major telecommunication companies have their eyes towards 5G implementation. The United States and Europe have, in recent months, pushed hard towards the adoption of this new technology.

In terms of innovation and adoption of 5G technology, it appears that China is in the clear lead. The country, with its massive state-owned telecom companies, is now in early 5G implementation. Moreover, several Chinese companies are also helping other countries in rolling out their own 5G infrastructure.

Aside from Nokia, Huawei and ZTE are among the most recognizable brands in terms of 5G implementation. The two Chinese tech giants are currently working with several countries for 5G adoption protocols.

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