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Nokia to roll out own 5G wireless network


Nokia parent company HMD Global plans to bring its own 5G wireless network to the UK in late April 2021.

Nokia- Legacy Phone maker

Nokia is one of the most famous mobile phone manufacturers of all time. They have dominated the mobile phones world market for quite a time, but they lost footing drastically in the middle. Now, it seems that they have become ready to get that share soon.

Nokia has produced some excellent phones within the budget range. They also have capable 5G chips, which makes them desirable to consumers today. 5G technology is not far, and consumers have become aware of that. As a result, we can see a fair share of people upgrading their mobile phones to 5G.

Speaking of 5G phones, these devices are of no good if there is no network to support 5G mobile phones. Research for 5G mobile networks has reached their final stage, with tech giants such as Huawei, Ericson, Samsung, ZTE, and Cisco. Nokia networks are also a significant shareholder in the 5G research market.

5G Network in the UK

Now, Nokia has announced that their parent company, HMD Global, will launch the 5G service in the UK in late April 2021. This move has surprised many, as there is no movement in the telecom market where the device manufacturer takes up network management too, in years.

Nokia will use MVNO, or Mobile Virtual Network Operator system, a virtual 5G network system. Here, the provider, HMD Global, will use the existing infrastructure of an established carrier in the UK, such as EE. In the UK, there are already MNVO systems in place, such as Giffgaff and Tesco Mobile.

The network will not be 5G compatible right initially, but HMD Global stated that their goal is to be “5G ready”. In the UK, mobile network operators have sold phones under their brand manufactured in China. But, this is the first time a mobile manufacturer is jumping into the mobile network market.

Notably, PC manufacturers have gone this way by partnering with mobile network providers to give data bundles at affordable prices. HMD Global CEO Florian Seiche stated that since many buyers now buy phones online, they aim to make the purchasing experience “as seamless as possible” to get a better deal all in one.

A Bold Move?

Analysts view this move by Nokia will allow “to take a slightly different approach to rival smartphone manufacturers.” Nokia is also offering an HMD mobile app to monitor and track mobile data. It will also help to plan upgrades, pay monthly payments, and access customer service.

HMD Global offers plans from £6.50 per month, for which the consumer gets unlimited UK/EU calls and texts and 1GB of data. Could upgrade such plans up to 25GB of data per month. This mobile network is available to all mobile phone users. Consumers using non-Nokia phones or other 5G capable phones too can join the network. But, it seems that the network might work at best with Nokia smartphones.

Image courtesy of Nokia Mobile/YouTube Screenshot

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