North Korea leader Kim Jong Un orders confiscation of pet dogs

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un orders confiscation of pet dogs

Reports claim that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered barring its citizens from owning pet dogs and demanded the hand over of those already own dogs.

The news of the order from Kim Jong Un came from an English version of the South Korean newspaper, Chosun IlboThe real reason for the clampdown may have less to do with capitalist influence and more on the country’s current crisis.

Kim Jong Un on pet dogs’ confiscation

It is said the order was aimed to protect North Korea from Western capitalist “decadence.” Per the South Korean media outlet’s source, Kim Jong Un banned pet ownership as it is “a ‘tainted’ trend by bourgeois ideology.”

The source says:

“Authorities have identified households with pet dogs and are forcing them to give them up or forcefully confiscating them and putting them down.”

As a natural reaction, pet owners are not happy with the North Korean leader’s order, to a point that they are “cursing Kim Jong-un behind his back.” Unfortunately, that’s all they can do as there is little action that’ll allow them to do more, per the source.

Furthermore, owning pets has since been considered as Western decadence. However, this perception was assumed to have relaxed following the 1989 World Festival of Youth and Students, where the Pyongyang elite was seen “flaunting expensive lapdogs” as a form of symbol status.


Real reason might have something to do with food shortage

However, New York Post notes that the dog owners are fearful as this may be an action by Kim Jong Un to manage the alleged food shortage happening in the country.

As mentioned by Chosun Ilbo, confiscated dogs will either be sent state-run zoos or be sold as dog meat in restaurants.

Per Heavydog meat is a known delicacy in the Korean peninsula and a staple menu in its respective restaurant. Although this move is set to “appease” the public’s dissent as the country battles a “dire economic situation.”

It is said that Kim Jong Un first announced the pet dogs’ confiscation back in July. But only wealthy citizens of the country, or the Pyongyang elite, own dogs. In rural areas, most families raise rabbits, per a defector quoted by Heavy.

While others raise pigs and livestock, says Chosun Ilbo‘s source.

Currently, North Korea in a “state of panic,” as reports. The country is suffering from widespread flooding following the ” 50 consecutive days of torrential rainfall.”

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