North Korea: Plans biggest parade amidst pandemic

The 75th Anniversary of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea is just around the corner. Consequently, the satellite images show how North Korea is ready to showcase its strength amidst the pandemic.

At a time when North Korea’s economy has been suffering from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters, North Koreans wearing medical masks have gathered to a big military parade to mark its 75th Anniversary of the ruling Worker’s Party.

Celebrating the 75th Anniversary

North Korea is all set to showcase its fleets of missile hardware and troops on the 75th Anniversary of the ruling Workers’ Party on Oct. 10. The event will happen as the world is going through tribulations of a global pandemic. Though, according to Leader Kim Jong-Un, his country hasn’t recorded a single case so far.

As for the location, Pyongyang will host the Annual military parade in front of their National Leader Kim Jong-Un.

South Korean and the United States official said that the parade would showcase a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

Kim Jong Un has not displayed ICBMs at a parade since he first met U.S. President Donald Trump in 2018.

The Big Parade

The satellite images also report that this will be perhaps the biggest ever Annual parade in history. 38 North provided these images, suggesting the enormity of the parade. The parade will feature thousand of expansive troops, monitored by the Leader Kim.

Tanks and armored vehicles will follow them. However, the focus of the parade will be on the spectacle’s climax. That is, Kim might be sending a strong message to Washington by unveiling new long-range missiles. These missiles are capable of striking the US mainland.

From North Korea to the world

North Korea’s watchers say Kim will have to tread a fine line with the US. He will have to oversee improvements in the regime’s missile capability, despite international sanctions. This will lead to Kim leaving the door open for the resumption of denuclearisation talks.

Harry Kazianis, a Korean expert at the Center for National Interest, comments that Saturday’s parade would be Kim’s chance to show off some of the world’s most potent weapons. These artilleries were once reserved for superpowers, even under massive international sanctions.

North Korea, the new world power

Nuclear talks between Kim and Donald Trump are deadlock since their summit in Hanoi of 2019 ended without agreement. A resumption looks unlikely until the two sides find common ground over Pyongyang’s demand for sanctions relief and Washington’s calls for progress on denuclearisation.

Some experts say any signs that the regime has perfected solid-fuel missile technology would cause concern in Washington since the refueling is not required, and so are much harder to detect and destroy.

But North Korea is unlikely to mark the party’s anniversary with a missile launch – a move that would risk sinking any hopes of resurrecting a dialogue between Kim and Trump – or Joe Biden.

Image courtesy of Oleg Znamenskiy/Shutterstock

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