North West allegedly wants to be with Kanye than Kim

North West and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s eldest daughter, North West, reportedly, wants to live with her dad in Wyoming.

Amid the issues surrounding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, North West seems to choose her father’s side. Does it mean the kid wants to be with the 43-year-old rapper than her mom?

North chooses to be with dad

A source revealed North is very much aware of what is happening between her parents.

“North knows that mommy and daddy are going through things,” an insider told In Touch.”[So, it] shocked Kim by proclaiming [she wants to go live with her dad].”

Allegedly, the 7-year-old child is an “ultimate daddy’s girl,” so it cannot be helped that she wants to be with her dad.

Saint West, her younger brother, was seen with the presidential aspirant in Wyoming. The kid was spotted leaving the family’s private plane with a bodyguard.

However, it was yet to be confirmed if West and Kardashian were also aboard.

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The ‘make or break’ trip

North is, probably, now reunited with her dad as news emerged the Kardashian-West family jetted to the Caribbean to save West and Kardashian’s marriage. It is, reportedly, the couple’s final desperate move to fix things between them.

Their relationship is, allegedly, hanging by a thread after his series of meltdowns in public and social media. According to Daily Mail, sources revealed they went in a place described as a “fortress.”

The two brought their four kids along. TMZ noted that they were seen jetting out after spotted leaving Wyoming on board their private jet. They are now staying in a remote area to be away from the media.

They are, reportedly, trying to rebuild their relationship, which is said to be “beyond repair.”

Rumors have it they brought the pastor, Rich Wilkerson Jr., who married them. However, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star decided just to leave her mom, Kris Jenner, on their “make or break trip.”

“Kim and Kanye’s trip isn’t a romantic holiday,” a different source told The Sun. “It’s more of a chance for them to reconnect away from the chaos of Wyoming, the hangers-on who surround Kanye and the audience of their entourage.”

The intervention of a pastor

According to reports, before the trip pushed through, Kardashian wanted to bring in Wilkerson and his wife. If West would be resistant, she would just video call him.

Anyhow, Wilkerson is someone who West trusts. He has been a constant part of Kardashian and West’s lives and a family friend.

Kim Kardashian hopes that this intervention will help Kanye West.

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