Not everyone is hyped for ‘Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut’

Ghost of Tsushima is the latest 2020 blockbuster that will receive a significant PS5 upgrade next month in the form of a Director’s Cut.

However, it seems like not everyone is hyped for the extended cut of Ghost of Tsushima.

Well, there is a big reason for that too.

Fans react to the news of ‘Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut’

While the update regarding the PS5 is a massive thing for fans of the game, one factor is annoying them.

Usually, any PS4 to PS5 upgrade for popular titles is generally accessible. Plus, the downloadable content on either system mainly arrives as an optional purchase only.

It enables the fans to play a title with increased performance while also enjoying the extra content if they are willing to pay.

Now looking at the situation of Ghost of Tsushima, it seems like die-hard lovers are not at all happy. It’s because the Director’s Cut, next month, will try to force them to pay more to get the unseen content.

And it applies to both the PS4 and PS5.

Fans, at the moment, are thinking of waiting for a price reduction for the Director’s Cut after its release. Because according to them, the current pricing seems higher than expected.

When it comes to the main problem, the biggest disappointment for fans is that Ghost of Tsushima already has a PS5 upgrade. And it allows 60fps gameplay while being accessible.

But again, there are several exclusive features in the game that are only available on PS5. For example, one can experience the dynamic 4K resolution combined with 3D Audio only on the latest console.

However, fans are still not able to accept Director’s Cut‘s premium pricing.

It will be interesting to see the ultimate reaction among the Sucker Punch title’s lovers.

The new Tsushima upgrade is arriving next month.

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Little Devil Inside, No More Heroes 3, Cyber Shadow, and Shadow Warrior 3 are other crucial launches.

Coming back to the Director’s Cut of Ghost of Tsushima, again, it’s launching on August 20 for PS4 and PS5.


Image courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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