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Notable changes to see in latest ‘The Witcher 3’ Redux mod


Like all games released on PC, The Witcher 3 is a game that sees modders’ attention, much to tweaks. While some mods add merely aesthetics to the game, others tinker on the mechanics, significantly changing the game for the better.

The game has probably already seen it all. But nothing makes for a more intensive approach to changing how it plays than the one in The Witcher 3 Redux mod.

Longer Working, Less Toxic Potions

The witchers are known for their potion-drinking habits, especially when dealing with tough monsters. But drinking too many potions has its toll, even among witchers. Specifically, they can make any witcher drunk. In Redux, this setback is eliminated in that drinking too many potions no longer render Geralt drunk. In addition, each potion also has a longer duration, too.

More Realistic Monsters

Gone are the days when every attack that Geralt can muster inflicts damage to the enemy, especially if the attack bears the same element. Or that “friendly-fire” is not a thing among monsters in-game. In Redux, all of the monsters get alterations that make them immune to certain attacks, in addition to becoming responsive to accidental friendly attacks.

Deadlier Blood-sucking Vampires

Vampires are a lot more perilous than what the vanilla version of the game showed them to be, based on lore. In wanting to stick to this reality, Redux sees improvement among vampires in-game that render them more difficult to kill and more powerful. It’s done by primarily infusing them with a new skill, Elder Focus, that grants them an Adrenaline-like capability.

Smarter Human Opponents

The AI introduced in The Witcher 3 is not necessarily dumb that it makes playing the game easy. However, it is not that bright either that it makes combat with a group of humans hard either.

By employing Human Adaptive Intelligence, Redux sees fighting a horde of weapon-wielding enemies more difficult to do the more you kill. By learning how to adapt to the player’s choice of action, each surviving opponent becomes more defensive in play and, therefore, harder to beat.

Skill Alterations

Deviating from the vanilla’s skill system, Redux alters Geralt’s skills by limiting each to a single point to avail. But the changes are felt more on the impact of each skill availed, which either sees minor changes or a complete overhaul. For instance, the Flood of Anger no longer concerns the amplification of Geralt’s signs, rather affects his chances for an auto-finisher.

There are still yet a lot of tweaks that take place in this mod that is not covered in this article. For a more comprehensive presentation of the changes that took place in the mod, check this out.

Image used courtesy of GameSpot/YouTube Screenshot

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