Now is the worst time to buy new iPhone

The Apple iPhone 12 is just around the corner, and if you can stretch a little bit more using your old iPhone, put that money back in your pocket and save it for a future-proof phone.

Planning to buy an iPhone sooner or later? Now is not the best time to invest in purchasing an iPhone. Bet you already have an idea that Apple will release its iPhone 12 later this year, thanks to some leakers and tipsters.

Usually, around this month, iPhone enthusiasts are on the lookout for the leaks on what we could expect from Apple’s iPhone, but this year is different due to COVID-19. Leakers suggest that the new iPhone is set to be unveiled later this fall, an odd move from its conventional release that usually takes place every September of the year.

Why is it the worst time to buy?

Given that we are in a global health crisis, most tech companies’ targets on releasing their newest phones are on a bit of a delay, and there’s no exemption, even Apple. And given this situation, you might want to keep that budget for a new iPhone a little bit longer as this is not yet the best time to buy a new one.

The reason for delaying buying your dream new iPhone is that they will become obsolete easily. Ask on what ground? These might be the answers.

Delay buying, wait for the right timing

Now is the worst time to buy a new iPhone

The iPhone 12 release is just around the corner, and if you can stretch a little bit more using your old iPhone, chances are you can score this new one. In it’s rumored release, iPhone 12 will be powered by 5G, a shift to its kind will provide you a future-proof investment since most of the tech companies are shifting to this trend slowly, and this might be the game-changer in the coming years.

It is also rumored to have an OLED screen, a refreshed aesthetic and new size options. So what’s the point of cramming to buy an iPhone today?

Also, if you prefer a not-so-old iPhone unit, better to wait for their discounted units. Have you noticed that this has been the way Apple has been doing over the past few years – offer old iPhone units at discounted prices? Back in 2018, their iPhone XR launching price was $750 but was reduced later in 2019 by $600 saving you $150.

If you are still able to use that iPhone of yours, please do so, this is to save you from your worst buying decision ever if you purchase now. Just hold on a little longer.

If you cannot wait to buy it due to urgency, we suggest buying an iPhone SE and saving more money for the new iPhone 12.

Images used courtesy of TT Technology/YouTube Screenshot

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