Now you will need a Microsoft account to play ‘Minecraft’ in 2021

For the past six years, Minecraft players have been able to play Minecraft without having any Microsoft account as the company used to hold the ownership of the game.

But now, in 2021, things will differ from that of the last few years. From 2021, Minecraft players will not play Minecraft if they won’t have a Microsoft account, even if they have an original version of these enthralling game.

Previously, the game has existed in two separately developed versions: the Minecraft: Java Edition and the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft: Java edition used Mojang accounts, whereas Minecraft: Bedrock edition used Windows and Microsoft accounts. From the 2011 launch, the game has seen a huge surge in the number of players playing this game.

Now, after this recent change, the account will still be the same, and no crossplay will be provided, which means that you won’t be able to play with your friends if they have different Minecraft versions.

Two-factor authentication provided by Minecraft

The new format will sort out the younger players’ security issues if they are condemned to any multiplayer platform.

Mojang claimed that players who will migrate from Mojang would not lose any information. The fresh Microsoft account will provide the Mojang users, two-factor authentication, and various other security features offered in Minecraft’s Bedrock edition.

The special extra security features include parental care, blocking irrelevant invitations, and chats, which is a basic concern nowadays for younger players as they are more prone to security issues.

Players will be notified in batches on their email how they will migrate themselves from Mojang account to Microsoft account. Once they create their Microsoft account, they will be given extra additional notification alongside their profile.

Along with the blog in which Mojang claimed the Microsft account switching, it also created a video in which they described the whole players of switching over from Mojang account to Microsoft account.

Change of the username and its reason

Mojang also clears that you won’t be asked to change the username while switching to Microsoft account. Still, if the username is used by someone else who uses the Microsoft account beforehand or if the username doesn’t meet the Microsoft standards, Microsoft will ask you to change the username to reduce the risk.

Mojang claims that the additional security option was only offered to Microsoft, and that’s why they took this decision rather than starting from scratch. But the question that strikes everyone’s mind is that if the security features were so much necessary in the first place, why did they take so long to arrive?

Image courtesy of omihay/Shutterstock

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