Nvidia Broadcast is incredible for streaming newbies


GPU company Nvidia bundled their RTX 3000 series with the Nvidia Broadcast app. While it seems innocuous, the app is one of the best things coming with the 30-series.

As Nvidia announced their new graphic card line, the hype surrounding them was palpable. While the GPUs are currently the best in the market, they didn’t stop there. Nvidia Broadcast is the next-gen continuation of Nvidia Voice.

While it’s not a replacement for OBS, it gives a ton of powerful features. It can transform any room into a professional streaming booth.

Broadcast uses AI technology to improve streaming

Broadcast is the next-gen equivalent to both Nvidia Voice and NVENC for the 20-series. Before Broadcast, both Voice and NVENC allowed for better broadcast performance. These offloaded CPU load while delivering better frames for games.

While these were helpful, they were not for everyone. Home streaming always meant uncontrollable variables for streaming.

Audio reverberations and lousy camerawork is a common issue among new streamers. Not everyone can afford an expensive mic, camera, and studio setup either. The new Broadcast app working with the new RTX 30-series does wonder for streams.

Broadcast offers three primary features powered by their new AI system. First, the system adds extensive noise removal from streamers’ microphones. Ambient noise like cars, barking dogs, or keyboards mashing.

It also offers virtual backgrounds that create a green-screen style background. In streaming, this prevents viewers from seeing player rooms from their webcam feed.

The last feature is the auto-frame system that focuses the camera on the players. The AI tracks head movement, keeping the streamer at the center of the action. It also shifts side to side, which prevents defocusing in the middle of the stream.

Broadcast brings value for money at no extra cost

The Nvidia Broadcast is a great system that offers value for money. For streamers who had to save up for their Nvidia 3000 series GPU, this free app provides value for money. It’s not seamless, but it’s better than most apps available.

The AI background keying is not entirely clean. Even then, it lets streamers jump straight into Twitch and other streaming platforms. They just work, and it’s mind-blowing how good they work.

The Broadcast app works like a professional software that will set back streamers around $400. It’s professional, giving streams smoother access that works too well. Combine it with the 3000-series 4K 120 fps gaming and players will get a lot of value for their money.

Apart from games, Broadcast works best with other video streaming platforms. Those in education and professional business settings can use it for Zoom, Hangouts, and even Discord.

Nvidia Broadcast is a compelling app to use. It’s a great added bonus for people who are shelling out money for their 3000 series graphics card.

Images courtesy of Nvidia GeForce/Youtube Screenshot

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