Nvidia confirms RTX 3090 news details, teases design

Nvidia confirms RTX 3090 news details, teases design

As Nvidia prepares for the grand launch of its new video card series, the company recently confirms various details about the RTX 3090.

Nvidia also shared a video highlighting the new design concept of the RTX 3090. On the video, engineers, and designers who worked on the project highlighted the changes that they made. Nvidia has yet to confirm the official date of the launch, although leaks suggest it will be on September 1.

New details and design

In its latest announcement, Nvidia confirms that the RTX 3090 will use a 12-pin connector. This particular piece of information has leaked several days before the official confirmation. In terms of form-factor, a 12-pin connector is smaller compared to the more common two eight-pin connector setup.

In order to support backward compatibility, Nvidia said that it would include an adapter compatible with eight-pin connectors. By using a smaller connector, Nvidia can use more space for other components and cooling system.

Nvidia also confirms that it will use a different cooling solution for its new Ampere series. The new graphics card features a pennant-shaped board with a new cooling system. The company said that it has completely overhauled its cooling system to improve airflow.

Nvidia also highlights the new low-profile leaf spring component of the upcoming video card series. This component will give more room for back covers, as well as a stronger board build. According to recent leaks, the RTX 3090 will be huge and will use up to expansion slots.

Specs and price

Nvidia continues to remain silent about the specs of its upcoming Ampere graphics cards. The company wants to build a lot of hype since it is also celebrating the 21st anniversary of its first GPU. Nevertheless, this did not deter the community from dishing out speculations.

The RTX 3090 is expected to be on top of the lineup. Rumors suggest that the graphics cards will feature up to 24GB of GDDR6X video memory. If this rumor is true, the card will be one of the most powerful hardware in Nvidia’s arsenal.

With such massive video memory, the video card can handle almost any new video game title. On top of that, it can also handle almost any productivity and professional software. In fact, with this huge video memory, it can rank well enough to join the ranks of the top Titan X hardware.

In terms of price, the RTX 3090 is expected to pick up a price tag of around $1400.

Featured image courtesy of Ganesh Ravikumar/Unsplash

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