NVIDIA releases a 4K 120Hz display Hotfix Driver

Nvidia’s website helps a patch resolve problems for those who wish to link gaming PC to highly refreshing 4K TVs and displays.

PCGamer states that the recently released NVIDIA 466.47 hotfix driver is designed to correct various faults that arise when specific devices are connected to 4K 120 Hz monitors. If you have a 4K monitor or 4K TV with the above rate, you can do it.

Many customers have reported the newest NVIDIA hotfix that they have problems connecting their game PCs and consoles to some 4K 120Hz monitors. With this generation’s high-resolution, high refresh rate games, it seems logical that display difficulties are rather widespread.

The 4K 120Hz setting that did not appear in the NVIDIA control panel of the GPU owners of the series RTX 20 and GTX 16 appears to have been among those difficulties. In addition, the launch of some VR games would lead to a freeze if the system itself is linked to a 4K 120Hz display.

But you can’t download the hotfix from the main driver’s website. Therefore you will need to visit the proper hotfix page for that. To do so, you have to download it.

NVIDIA Hotfix Par With Times Release

A 4K monitor or a 4K TV is now a little accessible to more people, which means that it is excellent for now. The newest NVIDIA Hotfix is great. Therefore, the game sector profits from the increase in the sales of 4K screens, particularly those with high refrigeration rates.

The current 9th generation of games concentrates a great deal on high graphics and cooling speeds. The PS5 and Xbox series X consoles not only have the capacity to play games at 4K 120Hz, but they also feature certain low-end NVIDIA cards in the GTX 16 series. And these are the cards that the hotfix is aiming for.

While the GTX 16 GPUs are not very strong because of the pure 4K 120Hz power, they nevertheless can play 4K games.

You may not be able to fully benefit from a 4K 120 Hz graphics panel with such a graphics card, but 4K still has a wonderful alternative.

VR Current Attention

About the VR issue? Well, after a bit of its glory in the period 2016-2017, NVIDIA looks to shelter resources again. Team Green has recently said that it has made DLSS available in three VR titles, and it is worth noting that DLSS is only available for RTX graphics cards.

There is a good probability that a few customers have already experienced problems with their devices when specific VR titles are launched at 4K 120Hz. This was a fantastic time for the new hotfix.


Image courtesy of The Friday Checkout/YouTube

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