Oakland A’s baseball team sells private suites for 1 Bitcoin for 2021 regular season

The Oakland Athletics major league baseball team, known as the “A’s,” are joining the cryptocurrency bandwagon and will offer box suites to the tune of 1 Bitcoin (BTC) for the 2021 regular season, the team announced.

According to a media release on Monday, fans of the Oakland, California baseball team can now pay $64,800 in fiat money or one bitcoin valued at approximately $56,155 at the time of this writing for a private suite that can accommodate up to six people.

Bitcoin as payment

“We invite our fans to become the first Bitcoin suite holders in sports… we are thrilled to be one of a handful of teams to accept cryptocurrency for payment and the first to price tickets in crypto instead of U.S. currency,” Reuters quoted A’s president Dave Kaval as saying.

The bitcoin offer is good until April 1, when the team opens the season at home versus the American League West Division opponent Houston Astros, letting holders of the crypto to play the fluctuations of the digital currency market.

Bitcoin’s historical volatility has been apparent of late, with a recent peak of almost $62,000 on Saturday, climbing from $29,000 this past December 31. Just a year ago, one BTC was valued at around $5,000.

Part of the experience

Kaval said the team wants to do everything it can to be “inclusive in the way people can do transactions.” The A’s are starting with suites, but this could move into regular tickets. “It could just be part of the experience,” he said.

The team president also said that private suites are one way for groups of six people to socially distance themselves during a time when current health protocols are limiting stadium seating capacity to two and four pods.

Kaval used to accept BTC as payment for hotdogs when he was with the San Jose Earthquakes in 2011. He also said he poured money into the crypto at the time, when it was trading from $1 to $32, according to NBC Sports.


Image courtesy of Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

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