‘Observer: System Redux’ next gen remaster confirmed

Bloober has revealed that the cyberpunk psychological game Observer will be having a remaster called the Observer: System Redux.

A teaser trailer of the game, called Observer: System Redux, was released on the developers’ Twitter account. Details about the game have not yet been released but based on the teaser, it seems as if the upcoming game will be a full reboot of the original. The teaser ended with “Next-gen reveal incoming. Stay Tuned.”

The company first teased Observer: System Redux in January by releasing a short teaser with the original game title in a cyberpunk look it was known for. The teaser came with a direct revelation of the name “Daniel”

Can Observer: System Redux live up to the original?

The original Observer game first came out in 2017 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox and starred Blade Runner’s Rutger Hauer. The Switch port of the game arrived last year.

Observer follows the adventures of Daniel Lazarski, an Observer who hacks into the minds of people to interrogate them through ‘Dream Eater’. Lazarski is also equipped with augmented vision that allows him to scan for electronic devices and check biological evidence. The character can interact with its environment freely as he tries to solve crimes under his police unit while searching for his son.

The game was well-received upon its release and it won the Best Setting award during the 2017 Game Informer Adventure Game of the Year Awards. However, it failed to take home the Giant Bomb 2017 Game of the Year award. As an added bonus, Observer won the Best Emotional Indie Game at the Emotional Game Awards 2018.

Bloober bringing Blair Witch to Switch soon

The game adaptation of 1999 classic The Blair Witch Project found footage film is coming to the Nintendo Switch soon. Bloober made the announcement at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2020.

The first-person horror survival game first arrived on PC and other game consoles last year. Bloober has a great track record with Unreal Engine hence the immediate arrival of the game to the Switch.

Lionsgate Games published the game and it follows the events of the first movie but with Ellis Lynch as the main character. The former cop investigates the cases of a missing boy in the Black Hills forest.

While the original game did not bag any awards and was above average at best, it still managed to bring the tense and eerie atmosphere that the original film is known for.

The Switch version of the game has no release date yet, but it currently retails for $29.99 on Steam and the PlayStation store.

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