Obsidian’s ‘Grounded’ immediately tops Steam Best Sellers list

Obsidian's 'Grounded' immediately tops Steam Best Sellers list

Obsidian’s Grounded is topping Steam best-sellers at the moment. The game is getting a ton of attention, together with a lot of views on Twitch.

Obsidian’s Grounded is a new comedy RPG that plays on the “small child, big world trope.” Their new Early Access game is topping the charts along with other good games. People are also getting curious about it on Twitch, garnering a ton of hype.

Grounded is captivating fans with its unique gameplay

Grounded looks and feels like the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. It uses the same premise, but with better writing and a full-tilt survival aspect. The game has kids scrambling about, looking for the reason they’re as small as ants.

The unique story and gameplay have people trying the game for fun. For starters, Grounded perched firmly on Steam Top Sellers for the past few days. It even outranks other superb releases like Death Stranding and Destroy All Humans.

The title currently has a strong concurrent player count of 12,543 at launch. To put that into perspective, the piracy game Sea of Thieves had 10,867 players at launch.

Sea of Thieves is doing better right now, but there are also caveats to these figures. First, it’s crucial to note that Grounded is an Early Access title. The game is still in development.

SteamDB also doesn’t count the players who connect through the Windows Store or Game Pass. What pundits know is that Twitch is showing a ton of interest in the game.

Grounded is a Twitch darling now but has mixed reviews

Obsidian’s Grounded is a Twitch darling for now. The game garnered a little more than 257,000 viewers during its launch day. It also has a steady 50 to 100,000 viewers throughout the day.


What’s curious, however, is the game getting a ton of negative reviews so far. Grounded is currently in the “mixed reviews” status. 64% out of 425 buyers gave it a positive review at the time of this writing.

Many are praising the unique gameplay, beautiful graphics, and funny writing. The survival aspect is close to Ark: Survival Evolved, with resource gathering and item physics. Even then, some players are still unhappy with the game.

Many of the negative reviews attack its Early Access aspect. The game still has a ton of improvements needed, with a ton of bugs here and there. Item balance is still a problem, together with needing at least three players to make it worth your time.

Grounded is available on Steam and the Windows Store. Players can also enjoy the game on the Xbox Game Pass under subscription.

Images courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment/Youtube Screenshot

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