Obsidian’s ‘Grounded’ now has roadmap

Obsidian's 'Grounded' now has roadmap

Obsidian’s Grounded is making headway into their promise for more updates. The dev team has now put up a roadmap for their future content.

Obsidian’s Grounded recently released the 0.2.0 update for the game. It added some new content, bug fixes, and patches—these changes, including buffing up the spider’s attack arsenal.

Now, Obsidian Entertainment is listing the areas of the game they plan on working on. A roadmap, hosted on their official website, shows content that they are looking to add.

Obsidian to add zipline, koi pond, and bees

Looking at Obsidian’s roadmap, there’s not a lot of exciting detail listed into it. Even then, it seems the entire roadmap is short-term, considering every board seems worth a month of updates each. If that’s the case, the roadmap should be good for three to four months.


The latest features are coming soon, including a Zipline building and a koi pond. There will also be a hedge environment, together with many quality of life improvements.

Obsidian is also working on password-protected game sessions and friend invites. Mosquitoes will also come into the game as enemies, which are likely formidable aerial enemies. What’s most exciting among these updates, however, are bees.

The backyard will get bees as neutral mobs with no defined role yet. With its role, they will likely be able to gather dew, nectar, and maybe pollen. As these resources don’t have a lot of uses yet, especially pollen, they will likely tie to a future update too.

Grounded also has localizations on the way. Some of the languages for the game include French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Grounded needs content for longevity

So far, Obsidian’s Grounded is an excellent, partially complete package. While the title is a full game, it still lacks some content that will give it longevity. These content are what the devs are targeting to help retain their player base.

“This feature board includes high-level details on plans for Grounded, and we would like to update it as we progress each month,” said the update. “As a caveat, we are still in active development, and this board is subject to change based on your feedback, the state of development, what’s best for the game, the unknown, and our future plans. Nothing is set in stone and features could be moved up, pushed back, or unfortunately removed.”

The devs also note that many of their big plans stay vague or out of the board. They’re likely leaving those out to keep the player-base on their toes for big announcements.

Obsidian’s Grounded is available on Xbox and PC. The game is also available with Microsoft’s Game Pass.

Images courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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