Obsidian’s ‘Grounded’ reaches 1 million player milestone

Obsidian's 'Grounded' reaches 1 million player milestone

Hit Obsidian game Grounded has now hit 1 million players over 48 hours. The brand new survival game from Obsidian is the talk of the town, with its fun concept.

Grounded is a great title that follows teenagers shrunk to the size of an ant. Players then explore a large backyard, looking for hints of the accident that shrunk them. Along the way, the teenagers need to learn how to survive with what they got.

Obsidian announces 1 million milestone with upcoming update

The announcement for the 1 million player count came from Obsidian themselves. Game director Adam Brennecke made an announcement video for the milestone too.

“Grounded has reached 1 MILLION players in the first 48 hours,” tweeted Obsidian. “Thank you everyone for playing and enjoying #thebackyard!”

“It’s amazing, it’s blown us away, the team is so happy, and we’re just overjoyed with all the support that we’re getting,” said Brennecke in an enthused amateur video in his backyard.

Brennecke also took time out to announce the date for the next update. In the video, the following content patch is coming on August 27. The game director didn’t give specifics on what they will add on the next update, however.

The game is still on Early Access, so the game will again change once more content comes. The game is quickly catching up online, however. People enjoy how robust the gameplay is, together with the extensive crafting.

Obsidian’s game has a lot of things going for it. While it still needs more polish, it’s off to a great start.

Fans love Grounded’s fresh concept

There are a ton of fun things players can do on Grounded. It also helps that the co-op worlds are easy to set up, and up to three other friends can join. While the game works as a single-player adventure, it’s infinitely more fun with buddies.

Players take the role of kids, and they can get creative with the items they forage. They can use insect parts as weapons and armor, make smoothies, and go grub hunting. Players can use dandelions to float around and even climb up trees that look like the Empire State.

The game still needs its balance, especially with the type of combat it uses. For starters, enemies like larvae, ants, or spiders can overrun players. Solo gamers will find it hard to kill enemies without consistent kiting and juking.

Even then, the entire concept of Grounded is fresh and fantastic. The game is available on Steam and the Xbox Game Pass. More content is on the way in the months to come.

Featured image courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment/Youtube Screenshot

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