Obsidian’s ‘Grounded’ rolls out 0.2.0 update

Obsidian's 'Grounded' rolls out 0.2.0 update

Obsidian’s Grounded released a recent update that adds tons of new content to the game. The content patch includes a new bird in the backyard.

So far, Obsidian’s Grounded is being true to their promise of monthly updates. Chief among the additions that they added is a bird, specifically a crow. While there’s no sight of other bird species right now, the crow offers new stuff baked into the game.

Obsidian adds perk system and buffed spiders

The Grounded dev team recently pushed update 0.2.0, and it’s now live across platforms. Apart from the crow, the update added an entire perk system into the title. There’s also a ton of new things that players can craft.


Everything would be fine and dandy if not for the fact that the update buffed spiders. Yes, the dreaded spiders are now more powerful and more annoying than ever. They now have a new set of attacks apart from their standard bite.

For base building, there are new Acorn and Sprig fence types. There are also new table buildings from grass and clover and new BURG.L quests. Much of the combat received an overhaul, with some essential items receiving balance patches.

The general overworld also received a lot of revisions as of late. Some caves received an overhaul to add some more immersion to the game. Base building is even more intuitive now, with hefty optimizations on performance.


Perks added together with big crow

The tweaks to Obsidian’s Grounded add new life to the game. The missions give players more things to do, while the added content works like a charm. While players can’t kill the new corvid, there are many things that the bird adds.

First, players can harvest their feathers for crafting different items. So far, their feathers are quite the resource, considering their size differential against the kids. Their feathers are a part of high-tier equipment like the Marksman’s Cap.

The perk system gives new mutations that give players more stats and skills. Some of these perks start simple, like Grass Master that makes grass cutting faster. Others make combat more efficient like L’il Fist and Meat Shield.

Players can have up to three perks at a time, and they can swap any time that they need it. For players who hate spiders, they can use the arachnophobia mode to make things easier for them.

Obsidian’s Grounded is one of the better games of the year. The new crow update is great, and players should look forward to more in the future. Meanwhile, fans can play the fantastic title until the next update comes.

Images courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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