Obsidian’s ‘Grounded’ to add roadmap and bug report center

Obsidian's 'Grounded' to add roadmap and bug report center

Obsidian’s Grounded will get its first major update later this month. While the dev team hasn’t noted what they would add, they’re offering a new roadmap to clear up the future.

So far, Obsidian’s Grounded has become a top seller, hitting one million players at the start of the month. Since then, thousands of players spend their time in the backyard. Now, the devs are offering a roadmap to let everyone know what to expect for the future.

Obsidian to add Trello board for future content

Obsidian devs noted in a community update that they are putting together a roadmap. This upcoming roadmap will show what future content fans can expect. It will also act as an issue tracker that will allow players to see what bugs get a fix.

“We are in the works of building a road map for you all,” says the announcement. “We are very excited to share this with you once it is finished, and this road map will allow the Grounded team to share with you all the exciting backyard content they are working on to release into the game.”

The announcement also notes that the team is finding better ways to communicate. Among the areas they are mulling is the addition of a centralized bug tracking page. It gives information on what bugs came to the devs for debugging.

The team will also try to start a Trello board that will list what is under works and what bug fixes will come. By doing so, it gives the community to help the team streamline the reporting.

Grounded will have its first patch on August 27

Obsidian’s Grounded will have its first patch on August 27. It will add a substantial change to both the content and fixes to current problems. Every monthly content has many expectations tagged into it from the community.


Players expect new additions to existing content. New biomes, insects, creatures, twists, weapons, and crafting items are among the few. Apart from explicit teasers for potential aquatic creatures, nobody knows what’s coming.

The announcement also listed a fan kit for the players who enjoy the game. It will contain insider info, including concept art, key art, and the game’s logo.

“The last item we want to share with you is that we have pieced together a Fan Kit, complete with concept art from the team, screenshots of the game, and the key art and logo,” says the announcement. “You are free to download this and use them for your videos, fan sites, and more! We will share the link when it is live!”

Obsidian’s Grounded is available on both PC through Steam and the Windows Store. It’s also available on the Xbox One and will be available for the Series X.

Images courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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