October 13 Apple Event is more than just the iPhone 12

October 13 Apple Event is more than just the iPhone 12

The October 13 special Apple event will feature more than just the iPhone 12, and it will be a jam-packed day for many Apple fans.

Apple has officially unveiled ‘Hi, Speed,’ as the official title to next week’s special event. The wordplay is a nod to none other than high speed. Apple here is pointing to the idea of the new devices providing only high-speed processing. All this will be made possible by its very own Apple Silicon.

The wordplay obviously points to the newest iPhone 12. As such, all eyes will be on it when October 13 arrives. However, Apple has so many other products in store for its fans other than the phones.

AirPods Studio could steal the Apple event on October 13

The iPhone may be the company’s best selling device. However, the AirPods lineup sales do not lag too far behind. The AirPods are more ubiquitous than the iPhone because of its iconic shape and pearl white color when worn. Therefore, the AirPods Studio is one product that could steal the thunder from the iPhone 12 during the event.

The AirPods Studio will be the first over-ear headphones under the Apple brand. The Studio version could also fly off the shelves basing on the success of the AirPods. There are several features on the iPhone 12 that have been leaked heavily. They could even be as real as the launch itself.

However, details about the AirPods Studio are still a bit murky. Earlier renders of the over-ear headphones have surfaced online, but those aren’t confirmed as of yet.

Apple AirTags are the perfect companion for all these devices

Aside from the AirPods Studio and the iPhone 12, Apple is also expected to launch the Apple AirTags. These are circular tiles that can be attached to anything that is easily lost. It can be a phone, a remote control, or a key.

The Apple AirTags are the perfect little nifty devices that can tie the entire lineup of Apple’s products together. They can be attached to an AirPods charging case, a MacBook, or even an iPad. In other words, it is a clever little device that Apple will upsell with its current product lineup.

HomePod Mini will try to crack the smart home speaker market

The last smart home speaker from Apple was the HomePod. Unfortunately, no successor to it has been released. That is, until next week’s Apple special event. Apple will reportedly release a mini version of the HomePod that will be called, as expected, the HomePod Mini.

The crux of the bigger version was its price point. Therefore, the HomePod Mini is expected to retail at a cheaper price. It will have all the smart home features that the HomePod has. However, the hardware will be less loaded to give way for a lower price.

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