Octopus Protocol: Making Derivatives More Accessible and Affordable for Investors 


Octopus Protocol is a Blockchain platform based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and it aims to expand the accessibility of derivatives by making it more affordable, convenient, and secure. 

Octopus Protocol has successfully established itself as the “perfect opposite” of traditional derivatives transactions. 

Instead of having third-party intermediaries and costly legal processes just to cement the all-important trust between two entities, this platform eliminates these time-consuming things from the equation. 

Octopus Protocol fully leverages its Blockchain nature by utilizing a pre-programmed network of smart contracts that guarantees 100% trust between two sides without having to go through costly processes. 

As a result, more investors can now venture into derivatives without having to worry about its restrictive cost and complex processes. 

Tokens And Baskets 

Octopus Protocol also has its own token, but while this feature is not something revolutionary, given its Blockchain platform, there’s one special thing that makes its synthetic token so valuable. 

This platform’s tokens allow holders to have access and leverage on real-world assets without having to go through the tedious process of actually owning them. 

More flexible

That is why Octopus Protocol’s tokens are more affordable and more flexible to hold than real-world asset-backed tokens that are clogged with custodial restrictions. 

Aside from having convenient tokens, this platform also offers “baskets” that allow users to diversify their tokens and have access to fiat currencies, bonds, digital assets, and commodities. 

This basket feature is designed to reduce users’ financial risks as much as possible by creating a reliable system that can help them spread their assets. 

More affordable

To increase derivative ventures’ accessibility and affordability, Octopus Protocol took one step further by reducing the high demands for collaterals when making a transaction.

Big and costly collaterals are one of the major factors that make derivatives restrictive to many investors up to this day. And by reducing this high demand, Octopus Protocol also reduces the risks that come with it, making derivatives a more appealing and secured venture for investors. 

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