Odette Annable joins ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ reboot, impressive cast and details revealed

Supernatural star, Jared Padalecki, and other well-known performers join the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot. Moreover, this will likely build a big audience based on their followers.

Odette Annable is the latest star to join the all-star cast ensemble of Walker, Texas Ranger reboot. Her last television appearance was in Supergirl as Samantha Arias/Reign. The cast also features Padalecki’s real wife, Genevieve. She will play the role of Cordell’s dead wife, Emily.

“Walker, Texas Ranger” 1990’s version

The original series starred Chuck Norris. Created for television by Paul Haggis and Leslie Grief, the show ran for eight seasons with CBS. It is an American crime series inspired by the film Lone Wolf McQuade.

Sgt Cordell Walker is a member of the Marines’ elite recon unit during the Vietnam War.  He moved to Austin, Texas, upon the death of his wife, Emily. There he joined the Texas Rangers. Moreover, he worked with James Trivette and Alexandra Cahill. Together they investigate high profile crimes at the state’s most elite unit.

“Walker, Texas Ranger” reboot

Unlike the original series, Walker Cordell is getting a love interest.  She is Geri, the character played by Odette Annable. Geri is a bartender at a local pub called the Side Step. Reportedly, she is old friends with Walker and Emily. Episodes will show that they both go a long way back. Walker attempts to reconnect with his strong creative son and rebellious daughter. As he goes around solving crimes, he cannot shake the suspicions behind the circumstances of his wife’s death.

The show will premier via The CW on Jan. 21, 2021. Fans will not have to wait for too long to see how the story plays out in the reboot.

Cast details

The series has an impressive list of actors. X-Files veteran Mitch Pileggi, Pretty Little Liars alum Keegan Allen, The 100 star Lindsey Morgan, and iZombie’s Molly Hagan are joining Annable and Padalecki in the show.

Sometime in February 2020, Lindsay Morgan joined the cast as Micki. Micki is Cordell’s new partner in the Texas Rangers. At about the same time, Keegan Allen also joins taking the role of Walker’s brother, Liam.

Meanwhile, Mitch Pileggi and Molly Hagan will play the roles of Walker’s father (Bonham) and mother (Abeline), respectively. Violet Brinson and Kale Culley join the cast as Walker’s daughter and son. Stella Walker is his 16-year-old daughter, and Arlo Walker is his 14-year-old son. Coby Bell joins as Captain Larry James. Jeff Pierre is cast in the role of Trey Barnett.

Image Courtesy of E! Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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