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Ofcom regulator reveals Virgin Media consumers wait the longest on mobile phone


According to Ofcom regulator, Virgin Media and Mobile customers have the longest wait times to speak with customer service operators over the internet.

Virgin Media consumers set seven minutes and 40 seconds on average. However, while Virgin Mobile used six minutes and 44 seconds to answer calls in the last year of 2020.

The largest mobile network operator EE had the lowest average wait time with one minute and 15 seconds. Hence, TalkTalk follows the average wait time.

Virgin Media stated that consumer service provided the priority. Furthermore, 52 percent of all UK broadband customers were satisfied with the way their complaints were handled.  UK broadband customers related with 57% of mobile users.

Virgin Media declared it had been compelled to modify the set-up of its contact centers during the COVID 19 pandemic. Additionally, they added that We were proud of how we rose to this challenge.

However, the company recognized there has room for development. Besides, which is why we have previously expanded our investments in digital and customer service. In the UK, the consumer service includes creating more than 1,000 consumer care roles in the last year. However, it will be making additional developments later this year.

Better deals in Virgin Media

The regulator Ofcom’s fifth annual report searching how strong the major providers support clients. And also provide notice about what they offer.

The regulator Ofcom stated while many organizations were now offering better deals with consumer service. However, the better deal also facing issues, and also they included other findings:

  • In 2020, the broadband and landline customers waited four minutes and nine seconds on average to speak to someone or clients.
  • Mobile customers waited two minutes and seven seconds.
  • The 26 percent of broadband consumers had a reason to complain regarding their provider or service.
  • Only 3 percent of mobile clients were troubled with their service
  • Due to faults, most people were only without services for a maximum of two days.

Soaring demand

The Ofcom’s network and communications group director Lindsey Fussell announced that mobile companies had adapted well on the whole broadband. Hence, soaring demand for connectivity during the pandemic.

Consequently, she continued that Some have tried with customer service problems.
We’re questioning them to act now, so the telecoms industry becomes the gold pattern for customer service.

In 2019, the Director of Policy and Advocacy, Rocio Concha, declared that it was essential for the sector to support the responsibilities. Additionally, she stated that when being attached is more important than ever. Providers need to take their responsibilities seriously.

Moreover, achieve more to satisfy the customers’ expectations. Equally important on client service, pricing, and ease of changing contracts.

Image courtesy of Virgin Media Help/YouTube

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