Office of the Former President: Trump builds own political office

Office of the Former President: Trump builds own political office

It looks like Former President Donald Trump is not yet done with his political leadership as news break out, announcing his own office — Office of the Former President.

His last few hours as the United States President was quite eventful after he handed out pardons like Christmas gifts. Following his social media silence, an official publication surfaced announcing the establishment of Trump’s own office, the Office of the Former President.

This announcement was somehow expected after the former president said, during his farewell speech, that he’d be back “in some form.”

Office of the Former President: What is it for?

Reports have it that Trump‘s new office will be based in Palm Beach County, Florida. It’ll be his “official post-presidency office.”

Per the official announcement, the Office of the Former President “will be responsible for managing President Trump’s correspondence, public statements, appearances, and official activities […]”. All of which is said “to advance the interest” of the country.

Moreover, this will be his official platform to continue or “carry on” the Trump Administration agenda, including public activism. It can be remembered that last January 6, a chaotic Capitol riot ensued, injuring and killing policemen.

Reports say the riot was “incited by Trump’s comments” while other news outlets reveal that it was Trump and his “key, high-level supporters” were the ones who urged the avid supporters to rise up.

The official announcement ended with a line that says:

“President Trump will always and forever be a champion for the American People.”

Other Trump news

While Trump decides to unveil his official political office as the former president, his impeachment trial has officially started. As of this writing, CNN reports that Trump’s impeachment case has now been handed over to the Senate. This is after the House delivered the impeachment article to the Senate today.

Just like the first impeachment trial for Donald Trump, Chief Justice John Roberts will not preside. Instead, Sen. Patrick Leahy, the president pro tempore of the Senate, will be the one presiding, says CNN in a separate report.

Per the new POTUS, Joe Biden, speaking directly to the same outlet, he addressed that Trump’s impeachment trial “has to happen.”

Biden was quoted saying:

“I hope that the Senate leadership will find a way to deal with their Constitutional responsibilities on impeachment while also working on the other urgent business of this nation.”

Trump’s latest impeachment trial marks only the fourth impeachment trial of a president in US history.


Featured image courtesy of Trump White House Archived/Flickr

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