Official PlayStation Magazine clears out ‘Horizon Zero Dawn 2’ teaser

Players went to overdrive after seeing the front page teaser of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 on the next OPM issue.

After a teaser of Official PlayStation Magazine’s July issue leaked yesterday, Horizon Zero Dawn fans hoped that they will be getting news about the sequel. However, this is not the case.

The image of the magazine’s cover clearly stated that there is a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel. Most people thought that the teaser talked about the PlayStation 4 game.

However the teaser was actually referencing something else.

Clarifying the issue

The Official Playstation Magazine quickly ended the rumors when it clarified everything on a Twitter post. The magazine said they were obliged to clarify the issue so fans would not be outraged when the next issue arrives.

It looks like the teaser in the magazine is talking about a comic sequel and not a game sequel for the PlayStation 4 exclusive. Part of these expectations can be referenced by reports that the Horizon Zero Dawn game will supposedly be released alongside the Playstation 5.

Details about the game such as its design and features have been the headline of reports but Sony did not confirm anything yet. Horizon Zero Dawn was a huge hit, selling more than 10 million copies across the globe within its first years. Reasonably, Guerilla Games had already begun working on a game sequel.

Developers want a trilogy

According to rumors, Guerilla Games is planning to turn the Horizon Zero Dawn into a huge franchise series. The PlayStation 4 exclusive will be getting a trilogy and it was already approved by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

There are also claims that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be released alongside PlayStation 5. The sequel was supposed to be released on the Playstation 4 but the developers preferred to release it with Sony’s next generation console.

The original Horizon Zero Dawn featured a breathtaking massive open world environment that players can totally explore. However, the sequel will be colossal in scope according to the developers.

Players can also expect that a coop feature will be included in the sequel. However, there are still no news if the coop feature is only an extra or will support the whole campaign.

Playing the entire game seems to be fun and engaging. The original Horizon Zero Dawn game was supposed to have a coop feature but the idea was dropped by the board.

Featured image courtesy of TechRadar/Website Screenshot

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