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OfflineTV’s ‘Rust’ server could implode because of xQc, says Shroud


With many of the Internet’s brightest stars gathering in OfflineTV’s Rust server, Shroud speculates that it won’t take long before Felix “xQc” Lengyel makes it all implode.

Despite being an older game, Rust has once again managed to take the limelight just before 2020 ends. This is all because of the game’s massive open-world, which had once again attracted numerous players, including the likes of Jacksepticeye, Shroud, Valkyrae, and the people from OfflineTV.

And speaking of OfflineTV, their Rust server has become the most popular in the game. This is all because 50 of the brightest names on the Internet have gathered on their server. From the likes of Jacksepticeye to Shroud and Pokimane, faces people don’t expect to see on one screen are coming together on the OfflineTV Rust server.

Shroud and his OfflineTV server prediction

The OfflineTV Rust server had a smooth but eventful first few days. But just like with any game server, things could quickly turn up for the worse at any given time. And in the last couple of days, it would seem as though tensions are already rising within the server.

Just recently, Valkyrae had to end her stream abruptly because of the toxicity in her chat, especially towards her friends.

Many of the people in the server are now splitting off and forming their own factions. One might say that because of this, the server could maintain its peaceful (as far as survival games go) environment. But Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek says otherwise.

According to the former CS: GO pro and Twitch superstar, the OfflineTV server might implode soon. And this may happen all because of Felix “xQc” Lengyel.

xQc bringing down the OfflineTV Rust server

Lengyel, or better known as xQc, also boasts a massive following and reputation. But the reputation that he has isn’t exactly all positive. In fact, the controversial Twitch superstar is known for starting beef with other renowned gamers. He was also just recently banned by Twitch from participating in their Twitch Rivals event after he was discovered stream sniping other players.

And now, xQc has also joined in on the fun and has built a base on OfflineTV’s server. The former Overwatch pro has a bit of history interacting with the people from OfflineTV. But xQc is also known for his competitive personality and Rust is exactly the kind of game that could excite the popular streamer.

For this reason, Shroud believes that xQc will cause the server to implode.

“This server is going to implode soon. I can just feel it.” Shroud tells his viewers during a stream. “I can feel something bad happening. Now that xQc is making a base, they’re gonna gather up, and they’re gonna start f— people up. Once that happens, either the server dies, or he gets kicked. That’s what I think is gonna happen.”

So far, viewers are yet to see if the prediction made by Shroud would ring true. But seeing xQc recently target and kill Pokimane on the server, his prediction may not be that far-off from happening.

Featured image courtesy of OfflineTV/Twitter

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