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‘Okami 2’ likely happening says game designer


Okami is considered as one of the best games on the PlayStation 2, and it’s great that the current generation gets to experience the game with a remastered version. Since the remastered version has opened the eyes of many to this masterpiece, is an Okami 2 part of the plan?

The fans have spoken, and they want a continuation of Amaterasu’s story in Okami 2. One member of the team working on the game agrees with fans on their sentiment, and according to him, the chances of a sequel releasing is pretty high.

A sequel is possible

In an interview, Okami artist and freelance creative director Ikumi Nakamura says she’s confident that she can get a new project for Amaterasu approved. “Actually that’s the project that I’d like to make reality the most,” she said. “As long as I go after it, I have the feeling that the chances are pretty high that it might become a reality.

She continues saying that once the quarantine is over, she is planning to visit Capcom to propose the idea for Okami 2. This isn’t the first time that she’s been vocal about her plans for a sequel. Last year, she appeared with the original game’s director Hideki Kamiya in a video. She teased that a sequel for the game will be better if the original director is involved.

Since then, fans have been longing for more details about the potential sequel. Being the cult classic that it is, there’s a lot of hype behind the title already.

What is ‘Okami’?

Okami is a relaxing action game that first released on the PS2 back in 2002. It puts players in the hands of the Japanese goddess Amaterasu who in the game, comes in the form of a  wolf. One of the key aspects that the game was known for was its unique Japanese art style which also blended well with the gameplay as Amaterasu uses a paintbrush for many functions.

Due to its popularity, the game has been re-released on various consoles already. It’s most recent re-release was for the Nintendo Switch and the console took advantage of the game’s playstyle by incorporating touch controls.

Fans of the original have a lot to look forward to when it comes to Okami 2. If all goes as planned, then there’s a chance that we may be getting a sequel on future-generation consoles soon.

Image used courtesy of Capcom/YouTube

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