Old Huawei Android phones will still get updates

The Chinese tech giant recently confirmed that old Huawei Android phones would continue to receive software updates.

The decision came at a time when the smartphone manufacturer is facing a ban from the United States government. The company said that despite the ban, old Huawei Android phones will still receive software and security updates.

Future of Huawei Android phones

The Chinese tech giant is facing a ban after allegations of working with the Chinese government. Although the Android operating system is open-source, Huawei is banned from using Google services. This is why Huawei Android phones are no longer allowed to access the Google Play Store.

Due to this restriction, it is still unknown how Huawei will deliver the necessary updates. Google usually rolls out all of its software updates through its Play Store platform. Since Huawei Android phones are not allowed to access it, it is a big question of how they will receive updates.

In a statement, Huawei said:

“Our customers can keep receiving software updates and services thanks to the strength of the open-source community and our own advanced R&D capabilities.”

If Huawei chooses to deliver updates through a third-party platform, this will open up a lot of security concerns. It is important to note that most malware and malicious apps come from illegitimate third-party app stores.

Huawei continues to deliver updates on its stack of software. The company uses its Huawei AppGallery platform for delivering updates. However, the company has been quite slow in delivering official Android updates since the ban took effect.

The ban that started it all

Since last year, China and the United States are locked in a bitter trade war. This resulted in billions of dollars in tariffs and hundreds of businesses being banned. Among the most prolific companies to be part of this ban are Huawei and the popular app TikTok.

The ban has severely affected Huawei’s supply chain. The company relies heavily on Qualcomm as its primary supplier of chipset for its massive smartphone division. Due to the ban, the two companies are no longer allowed to do business with each other.

The United States government first accuses Huawei of violating intellectual property regulations. It is a widely unproven rumor that the smartphone developer is stealing intellectual property rights from U.S. companies. Most recently, the U.S. government is accusing the company of engaging in spying activities for the Chinese government.

For now, owners of old Huawei Android phones will be glad to know that they will still receive software updates.

Featured image courtesy of Karlis Dambrans/Shutterstock

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