Old PSP batteries reportedly imploding, cracking, and exploding

Image of PSP in light of the

The phrase “PSP battery” has seen a growing trend in Japan last weekend after many users started going to the internet over incidences of old PSP batteries bloating, cracking up cases, and even causing some PSP to explode.

The affected models in question include the original “Phat” model and the later “Slim” renditions. Otherwise known as PSP1000 and PSP2000/PSP3000, respectively. PSP Go and E1000, on the other hand, being exceptions to the case.

A Classic Console

Originally released in Japan in 2004, it makes early adopters of the PlayStation Portable owners of at least a 15-year old gadget. Many of which, IT Media points out, being stuck at one corner of the household and just collecting dust, thereby giving life to the suspicion that its inactivity might be the cause.

Seemingly the case, Twitter user Takunomi corroborated the claim, suggesting that lithium batteries are indeed susceptible to such damage over time.

Real-Life Evidences

True enough, many from across the globe posted images of their PSP’s seeing sign of a bloated battery. Some of which showcasing the said battery within the slot, which houses it in the console still already popping.

Others are even in far worse shape than others due to the level of implosion the battery suffers, seemingly going to explode at any time.

But while many came to social media to confirm the case, the issue does not necessarily affect everyone. Others who are seemingly unaffected by the issue even go so far as to open the battery casing.

Subsequently exposing the literal battery from the inside and is completely fine as far as physical condition.

Sony’s Advise

In light of the issue, IT Media reached out to Sony to get their statement about the matter. According to the PSP manufacturer, the lithium battery that PSP has comes with a limited lifespan that declines over time. Consequently, the company suggesting owners to stop using their console once the sign of bloating appears with their PSP’s battery.

In addition, Sony is also advising users not to use their PSP without a cover. Which would indeed be the case if a bloated battery were used.

While nobody has yet tried to do the complete opposite, one thing is certain if an imploded battery is used. It will either render itself useless for the task of running an electronic machine or, worse, cause it to explode. Either way, no option between the two is good, which only makes Sony’s suggestion hold merit and compelling.

It is not a complete loss for PSP owners to have encountered a similar issue with their PSP battery, however. As it only takes replacement of the said hardware for the handheld console to be used again properly.

Image used courtesy of MateuszTkaczyk/Pixabay

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