‘Once Again’ actor Chun Ho Jin wins in ‘2020 KBS Drama Awards’

The Once Again actor, Chun Ho Jin, who showed off his extraordinary performance during the drama airing span, took home the Grand Prize of the 2020 KBS Drama Awards.

KBS held the 2020 KBS Drama Awards on December 31, and the veteran actor Chun Ho Jin won this year’s grand prize. During the actor’s acceptance speech, he revealed that his father died while filming the drama.

Chun Ho Jin’s heartfelt message to his late father

The actor shared that his partner Cha Hwa Yeon pushed him forward and helped him a lot during the loss. During his speech, Ho Jin said that he wants to offer the award to her.

Furthermore, the actor reminisced how his father enjoyed watching Once Again.

Although his father could not watch the program’s ending, he expressed that he wants to share his last words with him: “You did a wonderful job, thank you, and I love you.”

Moreover, aside from the grand prize that the veteran actor bagged, the drama Once Again also took home multiple trophies.

It includes the Top Excellence Award, Best Writer, Supporting Actor, Excellence Award, Best Couple, and Popularity Award.

The full list of the KBS drama awardees

  • Grand Prize: Chun Ho Jin (Once Again)
  • Top Excellence Award: Lee Min Jung (Once Again), Jung Bo Suk (Homemade Love Story), Park In Hwan (Brilliant Heritage)
  • Excellence Award – Long Drama: Lee Sang Yeob (Once Again), Lee Jung Eun (Once Again). Lee Jang Woo (Homemade Love Story), Jin Ki Joo (Homemade Love Story)
  • Excellence Award – Daily Drama: Kang Eun Tak (A Man in a Veil), Park Ha Na (Fatal Promise), Kim Yoo Suk (No Matter What), Lee Chae Young (A Man in a Veil)
  • Miniseries- Excellence Award: Park Sung Hoon (Into the Ring), Nana (Into the Ring). Lee Jae Wook (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol), Jo Yeo Jeong (Cheat on Me If You Can)
  • Best Writer: Yang Hee Seung (Once Again)
  • Achievement Award: Song Jae Ho
  • Supporting Actor Award – Ahn Kil Kang of Into the Ring, Miniseries: Ye Ji Won of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol
  • Supporting Actor Award – Oh Yoon Ah of Once Again, Long Drama: Oh Dae Hwan of Once Again, Kim Sun Young of Homemade Love Story
  • Best Actor in One Act/Special/Short Drama: Lee Han Wi (My Lilac), Son Sook (A Jaunt). Lee Shin Young (How to Buy a Friend), Lee Yoo Young (Traces of Love)
  • Best Couple Awards: Lee Jang Woo and Jin Ki Jo of Homemade Love Story; Lee Jang Woo and Jung Bo Suk of Homemade Love Story; Lee Sang Yi and Lee Cho Hee, Lee Jung Eun, Chun Ho Jin, Lee Sang Yeob, and Lee Min Jung of Once Again; Jo Yeo Jeong and Go Joon of Cheat on Me if You Can; Park Hae Jin and Jo Bo Ah of Forest; Nana and Park Sung Hoon of Into the Ring
  • Popularity Award: Lee Sang Yeob (Once Again), Jo Bo Ah (Forest), Kim Young Dae (Cheat on Me if You Can)
  • Best New Actor Awards: Lee Cho Hee (Once Again), Seo Ji Hoon (To All The Guys Who Loved MeMeow, the Secret Boy), Lee Sang Yi (Once Again). Shin Ye Eun (Meow, the Secret Boy), WJSN’s Bona (Homemade Love Story)
  • Best Child Actor Awards: Lee Ga Yeon (Once Again), Moon Woo Jin (Once Again)

Image courtesy of KBS World/YouTube Screenshot

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