One of ‘Fall Guys’ Season 2’s stages has been revealed

Fall Guys Season 2 launches pretty soon, and Mediatonic is already revealing what they have in store. Of course, fans are excited about the new stages and challenges that await them in the next season.

Fall Guys Season 2 launches this Oct. 8 with a host of new game modes, cosmetics, and features. However, Devolver Digital is yet to give us the full scoop as to what’s going to be a part of the game, but they are teasing some of the special things players should expect to see.

Sneak peek at the next stage

Devolver Digital just gave us the first glimpse of a map for the medieval-themed season of Fall Guys. The race stage has just been revealed, and it’s called Knight Fever. Based on what we see, it’s currently the developer’s most devious stage so far.

Knight Fever is a stage filled with swinging axes, rolling spikes, moving ramparts, and spiked logs. The game mode is another race stage, meaning players will have to hurry their way to the finish line before a set number of players do.

The stage is the most obstacle-filled map in the game so far, and we’re sure that players are already excited to see more of the upcoming maps for the second season of the game.

Wall Guys

The developers also teased another map for Fall Guys Season 2 over at the game’s official account. For now, the devs dub the new stage as Wall Guys, and it feels like the most unique game mode for the battle royal so far.

From what we see, players will have to work together to pull in platforms that can help them surpass huge walls. Of course, there will still be some form of sabotaging in the game as players make sure that others will be unable to get beyond the wall.

This game mode is a free-for-all, meaning there are no teams in it. As per the developers, the game mode looks very chaotic and fun. Players who have been looking for more map variety may just get what they are looking for with this exciting new stage in the game.

Fall Guys Season 2 launches this Oct. 8. The season will bring in a ton of changes that players will surely be happy to try and experience. The medieval-themed season is jam-packed with rewards and surprises that will certainly delight fans of the battle royale.

Image used courtesy of DevolverDigital/YouTube

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