‘One Piece: Ace’s Story’ gets manga adaptation, new trailer dropped

The novel entitled One Piece: Ace’s Story is gearing up for its manga adaptation. To hype fans, a new trailer was released.

Portgas D. Ace is one of the most beloved and prominent characters in the hit anime series One Piece. Due to his popularity, a spin-off novel entitled One Piece: Ace’s Story was released two years ago. 

However, it seems that the novel’s eminence has surpassed readers’ expectations. This was because it was recently announced that the title would be adapted into a manga.

More about One Piece: Ace’s Story novel and manga adaptation

One Piece: Ace’s Story novel was written by Shou Hinata and Tatsuya Hamazaki. The story revolves around Portgas D. Ace’s unseen adventures in the East Blue saga of the original series.  

Viz Media’s official synopsis for the novel reads:

“Washed up on the shores of a deserted island at the edge of the East Blue Sea, two men from different backgrounds unite in their shared thirst for adventure. One of them, Portgas D. Ace, will follow in his infamous father’s footsteps as the fearless captain of a pirate crew. The other, Masked Deuce, becomes the reluctant first member of Ace’s Spade Pirates. Survival is not enough for these seafaring buccaneers, as together they seek treasure, excitement, and a route to the New World.”

The manga adaptation, on the other hand, will receive an illustration from Boichi. He is famous for illustrating Dr. Stone. Reportedly, the adaptation will start in the tenth volume of the One Piece Magazine. 

New trailer unveiled

To celebrate the spin-off novel’s fame and to hype fans, Viz Media has recently dropped a trailer for the title on its official Twitter account. The short clip highlighted some of Ace’s moments and emotions in the novel. The tweet’s caption further stated:

“Set sail for adventure in One Piece: Ace’s Story! See the formation of Portgaz D. Ace’s Spade Pirate Crew in this 🔥 HOT 🔥 new novel!

Who is Portgas D. Ace

Portgas D. Ace was the son of the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger and his lover, Portgas D. Rouge. Later on, Monkey D. Garp adopted him to honor the wish of his late father. As a result, he became the older brother of Monkey D. Luffy and Sabo. 

Ace, commonly known as “Fire Fist” Ace, was the 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. In addition, he was a one-time captain of the Spade Pirates. 

After the World Government captured Ace, he was sentenced to death because of his lineage. This event resulted in the Battle of Marineford in the original series One Piece, which featured an all-out clash of powers between pirates and the World Government.

Image Courtesy of Blue Flash/YouTube Screenshot

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