‘One Piece’ Chapter 1001: The alleged one-on-one battle of Kaido, Luffy


One Piece Chapter 1001 spoilers are now out, and it teases the alleged one-on-one battle of Kaido and Luffy.

Earlier predictions claim it may be impossible for Luffy to face Kaido alone in One Piece Chapter 1001. Allegedly, he will get the Supernova’s help to take down the enemy, along with Kaido.

Now, what will really happen?

Chapter 1001 spoilers, leaks, and more

Twitter user Stairskun revealed what might probably happen in the much-awaited chapter, BlockToro noted.

It revealed Zoro would save Luffy from Big Mom’s attack by making a move similar to Mihawk’s slash attack.

Luffy will then use Gear 2 to save himself and escape the intense fight. On the other hand, Kaido will take advantage of the Straw Hat Pirate captain’s exit to attack Kid.

However, Killer and Luffy will block Kaido’s move and take the hit instead.

Zoro will then show his Tower Climb attack that cuts Kaido. This seems to make Big Mom remember that Zoro is a Pirate Hunter who trained with Mihawk.

As the fight continues in One Piece Chapter 1001, Kaido will use Thunder Bagua against Zoro. However, the latter will manage to block it with his sword.

Anyhow, it seems his sword is no match to its power as he finds himself “flying into the rubble.”

Zoro, Luffy, Killer, Killer, and Law are all left bleeding. Killer’s mask is even damaged because of the fight.

Now, Kaido and Big Mom dare them to all come out, face them, or the two Yonkos will kill them all.

The terrifying Big Mom

By the looks of it, One Piece Chapter 1001 will reveal how terrifying of a villain Big Mom is, International Business Times cited.

Big Mom seems to possess one of the most intimidating Devil Fruit powers and superhuman strengths.

She also knows her enemies after revealing she knows Zoro is a former Pirate Hunter.

There are also rumors that she has an idea about Trafalgar Law’s abilities after Linlin manages to stop him.

By the looks of it, Big Mom still has a sharp mind despite her advancing age. It is also possible that she knows the background of the Supernova and Worst Generation pirates.

If this is true, then Big Mom knows how to take down her enemies, making her a dangerous opponent. She knows Sanji’s friends were in Baratie when she tried to blackmail him into marrying Charlotte Pudding.

So, she seems to be knowing all of them so that she will have an idea of how she can defeat them all.

If Kaido is the strongest creature globally, then Big Mom maybe the second, if not equally strong.

So, it looks like the fight in One Piece Chapter 1001 will be pretty intense when it drops on Sunday, Jan. 17.

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